1990 Mustang 5.0 Manual Gear Shifter Is Stuck!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Batgirl101, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. my mustang sticks in gear when i can actually get in in gear. it either wont go in gear or wont come out. need help bad! pleeeease.
  2. gear shifter stuck please help
  3. with the car off, how does it shift?
    if you double clutch during a shift (ex: car is in first rolling, depress clutch, pull shifter to neutral, release clutch. redepress clutch, shift to second, release clutch) does this solve the issue.

    from experience, I think you're going down the road to clutch/TOB as likely the TOB or pressure plate has failed, but some other stuff to rule out first. could be a shift fork, etc.
  4. step on the clutch.
  5. Gonna assume a manual?

    In which gear? Is clutch fully disengaged?

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  7. thats a no brainer
  8. Check mounting bolts on the shifter I'd it has come loose it wont have enough leverage to change gears.
  9. It's a lady
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  11. Ha! Well played sir well played
  12. already checked bolts, they were good. right now its took apart to where u can see the inside of the box, it has the long part that goes thru trans, and the ball of the shift stick goes in, that part its still stuck in gear wont budge at all.
  13. Try rocking the car back and forth while it is in gear. Then step on the clutch and try and move the shifter. The clutch fork or cable could be sticking.

    What year car is this?

  14. 1990 mustang, its not moving right now, it did at one point. ( put new clutch cable on yesterday) didnt start having any problems till the first clutch cable broke tho
  15. wont come out of gear either way
  16. It will rock back and forth even in gear. That may be enough for you to shift to neutral when you depress the clutch. How far off the floor is the clutch engaging? Sounds like the cable is not adjusted properly.
  17. You posted the same thing in the other forum. Please don't double post the same issue. Brian, can you please merge the posts?
  18. i actually posted this one first sorry im new to this
  19. yea it will shift into neutral, but it wont move side to side like it did before. my bf routed and adjusted the cable, i did the quadrant. he had problems routing the cable, we were told of two ways to route it, stock or some other way but both ways it was either on steering or touching the headers so not sure how it is now. looked for a routing diagram but couldnt find anything...
  20. Uh, now it may be just me, but I think you found the problem.

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