1990 Mustang 5.0 Manual Gear Shifter Is Stuck!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Batgirl101, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Time for a clutch.....
  2. You are forgiven, just don't let it ever happen again! Lol

    Just kidding
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  3. That's what my ex said.
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  4. Drop the trans and inspect the clutch/TOB but sounds like you got something internal going on in the trans - shift fork/rail/etc.
  5. how can i route it without it touching steering or headers?
  6. new clutch when i got it two months ago... just about all of it was brand new
  7. just perfect... lol
  8. ummmm.....the stock routing??? if you need more adjustment use a FWA
  9. have pics of route? we just going by description...
  10. oh and have enough adjustment, when we got it, it had the cable that came stock, it broke so we replaced it with the same cable, went to put in in the same way and it was to short, so he ran it somehow where it was longer it help up till we got back home from two hours away then we got the adjustable one hoping we could work with it but running it the way the first one came out, its too long
  11. Do y have a v8 or 4 cylinder? Are you are you sure you have the right cable?
  12. have the bbk like one in video, i replaced the quadrant so its the bbk one. did all of that. just no fwa. im not sure how he routed it tho, isnt it supposed to go between the k memeber and oil pan?
  13. V8 got the bbk adjustable cable
  14. Is the car on a flat surface? I mean, you're on a flat surface, can rock the car back and forth, can pull the shifter out of gear and into neutral but it still doesn't move side to side, the transmission is garbage. If the car's weight is not resting on the transmission, then you should be able to pull it out of gear. I think you would've noticed that if the tranny went out, though.

    On the cable, is the connection to the firewall solid? Is the connection to the bellhousing also solid? If either is not, then your clutch cable may not be pulling the shift fork enough to disengage the flywheel from the clutch disk. Routing the cable isn't rocket surgery. Just keep the bend in the cable as gradual as possible and keep it off of anything that's too hot or that it would interfere with.
  15. Shouldn't it still shift with the car off and on a flat surface even if the pedal does not work?? I am afraid something sounds jammed and the OP needs more help than just how to adjust the cable.
  16. Like I said take the trans down and take a look at the TOB but if it's doing it when you're just sitting still, probably internal trans.

    I didn't bother to ask, but did you take a look at the cable/quadrant/adjuster? Everything look ok? Cable didn't fray or stretch?
  17. You post did not appear until I after had posted mine. In this case, I am sorry for helping! I thought this was a troll free zone and hope you are just being smart alecs.