1990 Mustang GT 5-speed hatchback - $3500 (Union County,NJ)

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Apr 21, 2005
South Orange, NJ
I've had this car since 2000 and it's time for a change. Not sure whether to declare this car as a project car or a great car needing some TLC - so you be the judge!

Car has about 234K and the previous owner declared a rebuild at 96K but I have no proof of a rebuild receipt. This car is driven daily to work and is all highway miles - travel to work is 65 miles daily. That's the reason why I've maintained this car and have a spreadsheet of every work done from purchase to current and is available on request. I also have more pics if needed, but I'll try to be very detail on the condition. Paint job was done last year so from the pic you can see it's in fair condition.

First, the bad news. The chassis has rust that has to be fixed before you can enjoy this car. The pic shows the rust on the under carriage which is located somewhere near the passenger seat and the rear. The body shop estimate was 500 to fix, but at the time I wanted to redo the whole body to prevent any more rust and opted to wait. Another major issue is the car needs a clutch, but the adjustable cable connection to the back of the engine wall is cracked and needs to be welded. Interior needs a headliner, passenger door handle needs clips, and interior is in overall fair condition.

Now the good news. Not sure what parts were installed in the rebuild, but this engine just keeps going and is still in very "freaky" strong condition. I only did the GT40 intake, and never installed the GT 40 heads, because I kept waiting for the engine to die, then I would do it right with a rebuild to handle the extra power......but the engine is still going !!

Price is negotiable and call Dave @908-248-6709 to schedule a viewing.

Car is posted on Craigslist at this link:

Some major parts list.....
Tokico strut / shocks
Eibach springs - lowers 1 1/2 in (F), 1 in(R)
camber/caster adjustable plates
Summit Racing quick-ratio Rack & Pinion
Steeda bumpsteer kit
heavy duty rear upper/lower control arms
subframe connectors
cat-back 2 1/2 Flowmaster
MAC catalic convertors
T5 high alloy trans - Astroperformance
mass air sensor
Ford 190lph fuel pump
130A Alternator
MAC underdrive pulleys
MAC headers shorties
GT40 intake / valve covers / exhaust manifold
Ford 65mm Throttle body
Steeda plug wires
Cop car blue hose kit
A/C was deleted to lessen weight
high-flow fan and thermostat - car hardly gets hot and stays cool!
OEM clutch cable with double hook quadrant & firewall adjustable
4 17x9 COBRA-R chrome rims - 245/40 17(F), 265/40 17(R) tires

parts sitting in the garage:
used GT40 heads & rocker arms
used Steeda strut brace
new white face gauge kit
new left headlight
new Stainless brake lines
new Hawk perf front pads
new king cobra clutch kit


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