Electrical 1990 Mustang GT Convertible Drivers Side Window Not Working?


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Jun 25, 2019
So I got into my car to go to work this morning and I rolled down my window a few times to clear the fog and dew left on my window because I wasn't able to see out of it. I did push the top of the window outwards slightly against the rubber lining across the bottom of the window on the outside to fully rub against the window to remove the fog and dew, I was able to do this as my window is not fully tight on the track as far as going up and down goes so I used the wiggle to my advantage.
Went up and down perfectly fine and back in the up position until I got to work, now I went on my lunch about 4 hours later and it won't roll down at all, no clicks or anything so i wanna say it cant be the motor wearing out slowly unless it quit all at once. Passenger side window, as well as both quarter panel windows work perfectly fine. I've looked through a few forums and I ruled out that it cant be the fuse because all the power windows are on one fuse, but the rest of them work.

Guess it's a good thing it ended up getting stuck in the rolled up position because it's supposed to rain later today. Any Help on this would be amazing!!

Thanks guys,
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