1990 Mustang GT South Jersey

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  1. 136,000 on body, about 2,000 on motor. Bought it earlier this year, want a new toy. Looking for 7500 cash. Will consider trades or partial trades for a jeep wrangler or truck. Possibly a boat too. Let me know what you have.

    Pro M 80mm Mass Air w/ matching 60 lb injectors, Anderson PMS 4, Glenn's Performance Fuel system with dual 255 lph fuel pumps, BBK 65mm Throttle Body, Cobra Upper and Lower Intake, GTP40 Heads, Probe Forged Pistons, Ford Racing Radiator, UPR Tubular K-Member/Coil Overs/A-Arms, ROH Snyper Wheels 17 x 8 front, 17 x 9 rear, sub frame connectors, rear disc brake conversion, cobra master cylinder, pro 5.0 shifter, off road h-pipe to mufflers dumped, full autometer gauges, summit manual steering rack, anderson power pipe.

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  2. any poweradders?
  3. Nope. It's set up for it with the fuel system and PMS. Just never got around to throwing something on it. Will probably throw a 6lb vortech on it if I don't sell it.
  4. stock cam?
  5. I got a boat for sale if your interested It just needs an outdrive. 23' 89 Four Winns Liberator. Has a 460 in it. The outdrive can be found for about $550 rebuilt. Trailer included.
  6. F cam I believe.
  7. I don't want anything I that isn't complete.
  8. Got any pics of under the hood?
  9. love this car! exactly what i want! but dont want the mods! will u sell w/o engine and trans?
  10. Just took the pic a few minutes ago.

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  11. I'd rather not. But depending on price I'd consider it.
  12. what r u thinking? can u put up some rear and side pics?
  14. AHH i hate moon roof cars.. Can i just find a black on black GT with out a moon roof already..!
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