1990 Mustang Overheating

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  1. I bought my first mustang a couple weeks ago, and while i was driving the timing
    belt snapped.
    I had a friend who is a mechanic replace it for me, but for some reason, there was not much power, and it took me forever to pull away from a red light.
    So i had another friend look at it, he re-adjusted the timing belt, now my car
    has the power its suppose to.
    BUT it overheats fast, and the fan will not turn on till the temperature needle is in the red. Or sometimes it wont turn on at all.
    Does anybody know what i can do?
  2. check the ignition timing.

    check the actual coolant temp...the fan won't turn on until about 220*. will the fan come on with the A/C??

    does it overheat at cruise speed or at idle or both??

    did you do a compression test?? a leak test??
  3. Sounds like the timing may still be a little off.
  4. How's the coolant?

    My old car would heat up fast if it was sitting idling, but when you started moving it would cool right off.
  5. cooling upgrades

    my lx vert 1989 was getting too hot at slow speeds. I grounded out my fan so it ran all the time:nono: 2 weeks later the fan burned up. i had dual fan setup off a turbo coupe , the one with the flat plastic top. the sucker bolts right on where the old drum fan went. next i ordered a fon controller from summit for 45.00 made by derale. i can use a screwdriver to adjust turnon temp ,185 deg, :nice: it pulls it down quick.