1990 Nitrous Stroker TKO-600 5-speed

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  1. 1990 Mustang - Didn't go very in depth with the specs Call for more detail (864) 650-0032

    This is a Pro-Speed tuned Car
    Full toggle switch tune settings - Currently 10 available setting 3 of which are programmed
    hot nitrous cam
    stroker kit
    7qt racing oil pan
    Gt 40 upper and lower intake
    Upgraded injectors/fuel pump
    Huge fuel rail kit
    Nitrous Injection kit (Tuned for 100 & 200 shot nitrous, Used twice off Dyno
    MSD ignition/distributor
    140amp alternator
    high flow intake with map
    Upgraded timing chain
    high efficiency water pump
    Electric fan with on/off switch
    10lb Nitrous tank with nitrous warmer with on/off switch

    Hooker super competition headers
    3" exhaust to off road H pipes to Magnaflow dumps

    Drive train:
    New TKO road race 600 5-speed .82 fifth gear Trans
    just broken in
    Center force duel friction clutch
    aluminum drive shaft
    410 gear

    Full coil
    Rear airbag drag launch setup

    Monster racing tach with shift light
    Fuel pressure
    water temp

    A little more about Nitrous system and Power output. My main concerns with the system were safety and usability. The car is conservatively tuned and makes Just over 500Hp and 555 Torque with a 100 shot. and 612Hp and 648 Torque with a 200 shot.

    Interior: The interior is great, the seats are not worn and the carpet is new, the headliner is perfect. There is also a CD player hooked up to 2 JL's in the trunk in hidden box with amp. You can have them if you choose to buy the car.

    **For those of you familiar with Mustangs Stop Here and call** :flag:
    I was told at Pro-speed that the two main concerns with nitrous are fuel to air ratio and RPM. They asked me how safe I wanted the car to be and in a few words I let them know that I wasn't going to risk blowing a great engine chasing a Hp Number - I wanted reliable power. Their solutions were as follows:

    1) A great tune, with variable setting to accommodate variable nitrous infection rates.
    2) Full throttle activated Nitrous

    Full throttle Nitrous trigger is awesome: As the name suggests, once you go full throttle, the nitrous sprays, this ensures that the nitrous is sprayed at appropriate RPM. There is an arming systems hooked up as well.

    For questions Email or call:
    [email protected]
    (864) 650-0032

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