SOLD 1990 Notchback Nasa American Iron Race Car $3500

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  1. $3500, California 009 (2).JPG 001 (3).JPG 002 (3).JPG 006 (2).JPG 011.JPG 007 (2).JPG 010 (2).JPG

    This notchback has been a race car most of its life. Fully legal for NASA American Iron or Mustang-Camaro Challenge. This is about the cheapest, most fun way to go racing.

    I bought it a year ago and did only 3 track days before it developed engine problems. It handled well and was really fun to drive. I'm selling it without the engine. It is otherwise complete and ready to go. Drop in a crate motor and go racing!

    Important note: the wheels on the car in the main picture are no longer on the car. It now has 17 x 9 Torque Thrust Ford Mustang wheels in excellent condition, with performance street tires. Also, the dented front left fender seen in the photo has been replaced, but it has not yet been painted.

    Autpower roll cage
    Global West subframe connectors
    Mathis modified K-member
    SN95 front control arms
    Maximum Motorsports Panhard bar
    Maximum Motorsports RLCA’s
    Maximum Motorsports offset steering rack bushings
    FoMoCo RUCA’s
    Koni SA shocks/struts
    H&R Super Race springs
    HD front sway bar end links and frame bushings
    SN95 4-wheel disc brakes
    Earl’s braided steel brake lines
    Hawk pads
    Fresh Torque-Thrust Ford 17 x 9 inch wheels
    Freshly rebuilt T5 (only 5 track days on it)
    Fresh 8.8 rear end with Auburn 3.73 gears
    Aluminum drive shaft. New U-joints
    Double welded driver door bars
    Corbeau race seat and 5-point harness
    Painless wiring Ford 5.0 wiring harness
    Autometer gauges
    Longacre quick-release steering wheel
    Window net
    Log book 009 (2).JPG 001 (3).JPG 002 (3).JPG 006 (2).JPG 011.JPG 007 (2).JPG 010 (2).JPG 009 (2).JPG 001 (3).JPG 002 (3).JPG 006 (2).JPG 011.JPG 007 (2).JPG 010 (2).JPG
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.