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  1. I have a oem radio/casette and the attached storage from a 1990 mustang convertible for sale. Bought it and pulled it myself from the donor car. Worked perfectly when I bought it, to my dismay it will not fit my "premium" sound 92.
  2. to craigslist it goes!
  3. forgot all about it. $25 bucks. come get it
  4. sold gone bye bye
  5. I know you got rid of it why would it not work on your car was it the harness different
  6. yes, the "premium" with graphic equalizer has a different harness setup than the "premium" without graphic equalizer. i had no idea that mine was supposed to have the eq until i got ahold of that radio and realized something was wrong (had an aftermarket in there when i bought it). between guys here on the forum and a trip to the ford dealer i finally got the picture. ford has about three or four different radio, radio/eq and a no radio option for the 92.
  7. my radio doesnt have the built in equalizer can i unplug the harness and plug straight into radio bypassing the amp or not do you have any ideas
  8. do the premium sounds only have the amplifer
  9. Truthfully I cant remember. Let me see if I can find the threads I used.
  10. i am afraid i won't be able to give you a good answer to your questions. when the radio was removed and i had gathered all the components ( radio, amp and eq) it was easy to say where everything went. now that it is all back together i can't remember and with it being a 20 + year old radio i am going to avoid pulling it out just to look.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.