1991 Dual Plug Head 2.3 - - Cant Find An Aftermarket Cam

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  1. Been looking all over the place for a decent performance cam for my 91 2.3. Checked out CompCams and everything they have for the 2.3 applies to 71-90 model years. I cant find anything for 91 and up. I know in 91 ford switched to the roller cam, but I don't know what that means as far as compatibility. Thanks.
  2. According to a rep at comp cams, the ones listed for the 2.3 from 70-90 will also work on a 91 with a dual plug head. Still waiting to hear back about power expectations for different cams. Ill post back when I find anything else out.

    Anybody with a custom cam care to chime in on how the car performs with the upgraded cam? Thanks.
  3. The only people I've heard of running aftermarket cams on these cars were for dirt track racing where the car was spinning high rpm's constantly. Is this car going to be driven primarily on the street?
  4. Yeah I plan on it being a daily driver.
  5. I don't believe an aftermarket cam is the best way to go then.
  6. Ranger roller cams are popular drop-ins for any of the Lima 2.3s from the beginning of production in 1974 until the end of the 2.5L production in 2001. The only consideration that I'm aware of is using the correct roller followers for the valve tip diameter. The end is slotted so it doesn't slide off the valve and the stems were reduced to 8mm in '95. You can use a '95-01 cam in a pre-'95 head if you also use the pre-'95 followers.
  7. A cam isn't worth much on an n/a 2.3L. In fact, I never even saw the point in swapping to a ranger roller on a turbo engine except to get the roller followers. When I built the engine for my old Thunderbird I put in a ranger roller, then shortly thereafter used the roller followers to swap in an old Motorsport A237 cam and that thing was badass. I guess it was actually intended for n/a applications, but it had a little lope to it and gave some awesome top-end power with the turbo.

    Probably worth noting I also had a ported head, 60mm throttle body, Bob's Log and 57 trim hybrid on that engine as well, so it wasn't quite stock either.
  8. I thought that was the only reason to use a Ranger cam considering they are actually more sedate than a factory turbo slider. Might as well just buy roller followers and use an aftermarket stick unless the car is a full weight 'Bird or something.
  9. I honestly don't know why this is difficult. The cam is the same setup for all the 2.3L motors. The stock turbo motors and the other early 2.3L use a slider cam, the dual plug heads use a roller. Most of the aftermarket cams are made for the roller setup, and many of them can be ordered with the hardware to converter to a roller in case you don't already have one.

    So in short, most of the 2.3L performance cams for turbo setups will work fine on your setup, just choose the milder ones, and make sure they are for a roller setup and not a slider.