1991 LX/GT hatch Rolling Chassis / Drag Car REDUCED! New Pics!

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  1. 1991 LX/GT hatch Rolling Chassis / Drag Car - SOLD

    I have owned this 1991 hatch since 2003. It was bone stock when I got it and I slowly built it into what it is today, which is a fully race-ready drag car that I never drive and have never actually raced. It is complete minus motor and trans for someone to build a fully competent drag car out of. The following is a complete list of the performance parts that will be included with the car. The parts added up at thier new prices total $5707.97, this does not include the labor and/or installation costs nor the car it'self. The car has no rust and has around 150k'ish miles on the body I would like to get $3000 for the car. Some of the pictures attached are of the car WITH the motor and transmission. Please email with any questions / comments.

    1991 Mustang LX Hatch / GT conversion
    Color: Original Color: Code KA "light crystal blue metallic”, black interior
    Originally an AOD car, converted to 5-speed - has clutch/brake pedal assembly

    Rear End: (Stock 8.8 Housing)
    Moser 31 Spline Axles with Long Racing Studs ($244.95)
    Moser C-Clip Eliminators ($149.95)
    Richmond "Lock-Rite" Locking Differential ($369.95)
    FMS 4:30 Ring and Pinion ($199.95)
    Mac Aluminum Rear End Cover ($134.50)
    BBK Pinion Snubber

    Front Suspension:
    Lakewood 90/10 Front Struts with UPR coilover kit (QA1 14” 150lb springs) ($106.95x2) ($219.99)
    QA1 Caster Camber Plates ($159.95)
    Flaming River Manual Steering ($439.95)
    Weld DragLite Wheels, 15"x3.5" (1.75" BS) with 165R15 Radials ($159.95x2) ($40x2)
    Grant GT Steering Wheel (n/a)

    Rear Suspension:
    Granatelli upper Control Arms ($90.00)
    Granatelli Lower Control Arms ($125.00)
    MMR Coilover Kit (QA1 12” 150lb springs) ($239.95)
    Lakewood 50/50 Rear Shocks ($45.99x2)
    Weld DragLite Wheels, 15"x8"(5.5" BS) with BFG Drag Radials 275/50R15 ($189.95x2) ($167.95x2)

    Taylor Trunk-mounted Battery box w/external cutoff- switch and external charging posts ($189.95) ($25.95) ($17.95)
    BBK 190lph Fuel Pump ($119.99)
    Viper 350HV Security System w/motion detection ($249.95) ($24.95)

    ABCExclusive 4" Cowl Induction hood w/ pins ($269.95)
    Cervini’s Cobra rear bumper cover ($299.99)
    Summit Poly Racing Seats w/black covers ($69.95x2)
    G-Force 5-Point Harnesses ($69.99x2)
    Competition Engineering 8 point Roll Bar ($165.95)
    HPM Subframe Connectors ($69.99)
    Summit Drive Shaft Loop ($30.99)
    Fully Welded Torque Boxes
    Solid Motor and Transmission Mounts ($34.99) ($26.95)
    Competition Engineering Solid Crossmember Bushings ($29.88)
    UPR Triple Hook Clutch Quadrant and Firewall Adjuster ($34.99) ($39.99)

    Stereo: Absolutely None

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    UPDATE - 10-20-09 - CAR IS SOLD! Thanks to all who inquired about it. :flag:
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