SOLD 1991 Mustang Fox Body, Autocross Racer

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    Located in Frederick, MD
    up for sale is my 91 mustang that i built for autocross road racing. Serious interest only please. No joy rides as this car is not tagged.

    Here is a 1991 Ford Mustang. It has been rebuilt for AutoCross road racing for the WDC SCCA chapter, CP prepard class.
    The car has been redone to Race but with the right person can drive the on the road and have a blast or continue to race with it.
    I am asking $4300 for the car or best offer.
    I put about $10k into the rebuild on the car 6 years ago. Now its time to make room for new projects. Must sell please send me an offer to think over. If the price is right you might be surprised what I am willing to take on the car.
    In the pictures you see the car as it was raced and how the car is sitting out in front of my house. the car comes with the set of racing tires and rims and the street tires which will need to be replaced.
    the car has a clear title

    The car has a
    Steeda 5 link rear end
    upper and lower connectors
    tr2 solid worm gear rear dif
    steeda end link connectors
    adjustable gas shocks
    complete 5 lug conversion to front spindles and rear axles
    manual 5 speed
    aluminum drag seats with 5 point harness for both seats

    the motor has been completely been rebuilt
    street heat upper build kit
    new aluminum heads
    roller rockers
    new cam bearing and crank bearings
    new cam roller timing chain
    aluminum 2" radiator alone with a 3000cfm electric cooling fan
    the fenders have been cut out to accept the 13" racing slicks
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  2. Must sell the car. Lowering price to $3000 OBO. if you have a car that you want to spice up this is an amazing car to get. All the parts on this car would be great to transform you car.
  3. Anyone out there that maybe interested in buying the car to redo there car. This is the perfect car for you. I am willing to talk about the price as I must sell the car.
  4. Pretty sweet lookin stang. If it was closer I would check it out. good luck with the sale!
  5. Is the car road worthy enough to make it to ky?
  6. It is setup for racing right now. The seats are racing seats so they are really hard. would be a long and loud trip in that car if you wanted to risk the trip. I would not try that trip in that car.
  7. Do you have anymore pics? What 5 speed trans does it have?
  8. IMG_20130913_105721_140.jpg
    its a t5 trans. I rebuilt it right before I started racing 6 years ago. it may have less than 100 miles on it if that.
  9. Still for sale? Are you looking to sell outright or would you take a trade plus cash?
  10. Yes its still for sale. It all depends on what the trade is and how much cash. let me know what you have and i am willing to thinking about it.
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