1991 Mustang Gt 331 Stroker

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  3. Do you think a msd box will do me good
  4. You mean just hook it up to a computer like to pass inspection
  5. I went in that link you had they do look alike
  6. ygu3yza7.jpg

    this pic shouldv'e been mounted in the number 5 lower intake runner, another hack job when they did the explorer intake swap
  7. if i were you, i'd buddy up with another local fox guru and spend a day going over the car and fixing all these little hack jobs that are apparent. you and your motor will thank you!
  8. I wish I could find one around here I drive my fox around and I don't see any other ones I am in Chevy country lol I will try I thank you for the help
  9. this one is ok. its just a zip tie holding the tfi spout in. The tabs break off so its somewhat common

  10. Will that one screw right in to the number five or just lay it over there. The car does motor pretty good but like you said I need to button stuff up
  11. Just a thought if you have facebook it might help you find someone local that can help. There's a few groups on there with a few knowledgeable folks.
  12. I do have Facebook do you have any names
  13. I wish I had the knowledge some of you guys have lol
  14. it will not thread into the intake unless the intake has bedn drilled and tapped for it. You will need to do a search as its been too many years since i've done an explorer swap
  15. Agreed, some have found a way to extend this and put it into the intake box. I believe Jrichter has a write up on this.
  16. I sent a request nice car
  17. if I open it what do I expect is fuel going to squirt out and is it easy to put back together.thanks