1991 Mustang GT 53K completely stock

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  1. unmolested with grey cloth and glass sunroof. no accidents. car resides 1 mile from dealership where purchased. 95% orig paint clear california title in our name. drive anywhere. 7K
    45 min south of San Francisco 408-888-0359

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  2. pictures?
  3. Sorry guys not sure if I know how. i will try when i get home.
    Have not checked this in awhile-sorry:eek:
  4. Pictures are up now.
  5. Is your mustang still for sale? What do you mean it's 95% original paint?
  6. Spoiler and part of roof were painted just a few months ago because of fading. The spoiler has red primer under original paint and looked like crap where it was fading. No accidents, clean original car that you can fly here and drive anywhere you want. Original mufflers on this car as well if anyone remembers what that sounds like!:jaw:
  7. What color is the car looks black? Also what are you asking for it?
  8. Car is blue price lowered to 6K
  9. need int/eng/susp shots if you can
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