1991notch's Progress Thread (PICS)...

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  1. Praise the Lord! You sold that ugly arse 84. I knew you would do it, that car was hideous.

    You went from that nice 91 to garbage and more garbage. I told you before that 84 was junk. I guess you'll listen to me next time and not your little buddies on here who thought it was "so sweet."

    Lol..Just busting your chops dude. I hope you get another fox soon.
  2. Don't be stirring up **** again, man.
  3. and you are?
  4. Says one of the guys who thought the 84 was so sweet. I knew that car wasn't worth a hill of beans and i tried to tell the dude.

    Don't ask me how i knew, but i knew.:nono:

    Besides that i was just busting old boy's chops.........
  5. you really are probly one of the biggest idiots on this forum.
  6. No, you have that locked down.:rlaugh:

    and it's not even close.:rlaugh:

    on top of that you have a little pecker, at least that's what your girl told me last week.

    You're just mad because you're another one who thought the 84 was "so sweet". Shows how much you know about these cars.

    Just kidding dude...i'm only busting your chops........
  7. You're a troll, and adding "just kidding guys" at the end of every inflammatory post does not make them cool, funny, or even remotely OK.
  8. I've been here longer than you. What gives YOU the right to call me a troll?
    It's not my fault, you brought into the hoopla on that junk 84 and made yourself look stupid.

    I tried to tell old boy that car was junk. Yet you and your buddies told him it was "so sweet." I wonder who's really the troll.:notnice:

    That's straight up and i'm not busting your chops.

    For the record, i am the only one to tell the op from the get go that car was garbage. The rest of you benchracers fawned over it like the inexperienced rookies you are. To the OP, before you buy your next car pm me and i can tell you some things someone with a TRAINED eye can spot right away. I'm done, enjoy your weekend.

  9. Excuse me? Find somewhere else to post your crap.
  10. I'm not going to entertain your meaningless rambling. Go spread your word vomit somewhere else.
  12. actually it does, its in the geneva convention :D

    seriously though, can someone ban this tool bag already?
  13. Calico Cobra, you have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't know you had a magic ball you looked into that tells you the history of every vehicle you see a picture of on the internet. You make it sound like I got RAPED in the deal I made on the '84. For your information, I sold the car for a lot more money than I paid for it. I've bought, sold, or traded nicer cars than you'll ever own. Please continue to live vicariously through my project threads, as I find it sad but strangely entertaining.

    And no, I'm not "just bustin' chops DOOD," I'm actually serious. There's a member on here named RedFoxGT you should seek out and talk to. You two would get along very well.
  14. Dont know anything about that 84 other than from the pic and your sig but I like the look it had. Just sounds like it had gremlins out the arse.
    My old GTO was lilke that looked great sounded great...turn a corner and the engine might shut off, might not. heheh good times
  15. [​IMG]

    Seriously, though, who is actually bench racing here?

    Ah, I see, I've been meaning to read that...

  16. Lol...Says the guy who put everyone in suspense with a big suprise. The suprise was a junk pos 84 GT that left you on the side of the road. Btw...You know nothing of the vehicles i own. At least i didn't trade for steaming pos' THREE Times. Grow up dude. You lost money but are too PROUD to admit it. I doubt you got $3k for that steaming pos.

    For the record, i told you that car was garbage. I know more about that car than you or anyone on this forum does. Yet you let your girlfriends here stroke your "ego" and tell you the car was "so sweet" while it left your broke arse stranded 5 times. My man "got you" on the last trade. Badly. Trust me i know exactly your trade details. You didn't make out like you want everyone to believe for that garbage 99 wannabe cobra gt. I know the car's complete record and tried to warn you since we posted on the same forum. That's the last time i will do that. I hope your next fox is another lemon "smart guy."

    Peace...enjoy your weekend and good luck finding another fox..bro!
  17. You know my exact trade details? I traded for a POS "three times?"

    Wow, you just keep getting better and better. "Your man" got me? Really? So, you and your "man" were in on a scheme to swindle me out of a car, but you tried to warn me by making fun of the car AFTER I got it? Nothing you say makes any sense and your story doesn't add up.
  18. If i remember right you just called the car ugly, there were no warnings and you didnt say anything about him selling it in 2 months.

    On a serious note, ive seen people be banned for way less bull**** then this on stangnet, where are the mods on this one?
  19. Too busy arguing with us about why the pushrod is a POS