1991notch's Progress Thread (PICS)...

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  1. Like I said, TROLL.
  2. I'm a little light on gold right now, but how about a ban? :shrug:

    ...and Calico Cobra, you've been warned.
  3. glad you stepped in, I was gonna unleash a fury to get me banned, but I was smart enough not to hit enter
  4. :nice:
  5. Do you think you can drop the hammer a little bit harder on this one, Brian? Aside from openly admitting to conspiring with a friend of his to con me out a valuable automobile through a trade for a seemingly similarly valuable automobile, he criticized the vehicle in question without provocation over and over again, in this thread and in others. I've seen members banned for far less on here.
  6. Lol ive been banned on here for less
  7. I've laid it out for him via PM. This is his first "official" warning, so I'm going to give him the same opportunity I would anyone else to clean up his act and knock off the nonsense. He knows he's on thin ice right now, so what he chooses to do with said opportunity will determine if this goes any further or not.
    ...and probably will be again. ;) :p
  8. :jaw: this... :crapola:

  9. :banana: :nono: :banana:
  10. This made me giggle.
  11. Don't you start stirring things up either! :nono:
  12. im pretty sure hes made a profit on every trade hes made :shrug:
  13. I traded a 1991 LX that I paid $5800 for, for a 1968 Chevelle that was for sale for $16,500. I traded that Chevelle for the '99 GT with the terminator swap plus some amount of cash that I don't remember. I got bored with the car and traded it for the 1984 T-Top Coupe plus $4500 cash. I then sold the 1984 to a kid in the midwest named Ethan Henning for $9,000. I never painted the picture on here that I was raking in the dough on these trades left and right, but I've always done well. I do what I want, when I want. When a car begins to bore me, I trade it off or sell it and pick up another project. What I do, when I do it, how I do it, and how much (or how little) I make monetarily is nobody's business but my own. I make more than enough money to support my hobby and I work my ass off. Two internet tough guys who sit at home on a Saturday night and talk **** about trades I made 6 months ago while I'm out shopping with my hot ass girlfriend really have no bearing on how I live my life.
  14. I would have taken anyone of them including the POS