1991notch's Progress Thread (PICS)...

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  1. tow.jpg

    ... minor setback on Sunday. :mad: The car's clean at least...

    The exciter wire for the alternator wasn't hooked up at the cluster after the gauge panel swap. Needless to say my alternator stopped charging and the car died on me at 70mph on a freeway on a busy Sunday afternoon. Luckily I muscled the car onto the off ramp (no power steering or brakes :eek:). Anyway, a 15 mile tow truck ride home later, I got the problem sorted out and the car is back in action. Better updates soon!
  2. That sucks hopefully u had AAA to cover the tow, sounds like my luck lately
  3. god damn it, i miss this car...
  4. Well Duh....I bet that you will eventually end up with another. That 91 was beautiful. There is no replacement for a fox:nice:.
    You thought you got the better end of the deal on that trade:rlaugh::eek:.
  5. Thanks, it was a really nice car. I paid $6k for my notch (I may have even talked the guy down to $5800, I don't remember) and the Chevelle was for sale for $15k. You don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out who made out better on the deal, dude, but thanks for the compliments. :nice:
  6. is that thing still for sale or trade or whatever, cause im lookin for me next car and may just make a trip out there to grab that beast
  7. Yeah it is, Guy. As far as I know the kid is still trying to off the thing. If I had the cash I'd make things right in the world and buy it back, haha. Not gonna happen, unfortunately. I'll IM you or PM you the kid's number.
  8. If you can somehow find a way to get/borrow the cash, DO IT! That notch you had was super sweet. I just bought my 92LX back last weekend :D It's been a crazy year for me with cars but its back and my notch sold quickly.
  9. God I miss this car... still... :(
  10. Chris, I think I saw it on craigslist the other day for trade still but it has weld draglites on it now.
  11. Yeah I saw it too Mike. It sucks! Haha
  12. It was a lot easier to watch this one go... (that dude on the ramp is NOT me :rlaugh:)


    PS I just realized this thread has over 10,000 views. Damn!
  13. I may have been out of it but why did you part with the 84 again? to pick up the 99?
  14. I got rid of the 84 because it was the biggest POS I've ever owned. It was built by a redneck and ran like it. I took the car out 5 times and it left me on the side of the road 5 times for different reasons. I did a full tune up on the car, replaced the entire charging system, replaced the entire cooling system, replaced all gaskets on the top end, chased down countless wiring demons, etc. It still ran like complete ****. I was glad to see it go. At least I got a big chunk of change out of it. :D
  15. The 4-eye was junk, huh? Would have never known, it looked clean and the spec sheet was pretty impressive.
  16. this was a nice coupe. you'll get another one again someday...:nice:
  17. I saw it as well, ****er still wont sell it.
    I emailed that prick and in his email he said
    "unless you have something to offer in a trade stop asking, this car is easily worth 15k :rolleyes:"
  18. We ran into the guy that built that car @ the mustang show @ Summit Racing, he was telling us all about it.
  19. He's a piece of work, that guy.