1992 2.3L coolant temperature gauge & fan only work @ idle

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  1. I tried searching, but couldn't find a solution. my factory coolant temp gauge only moves up to the "normal" range & the fan only comes on when the gauge moves up, but this only happens @ idle. if i let it sit & idle itself up to temp, then put it in gear the gauge drops down to the second line from the bottom. also, if i just start it & go, the gauge never goes beyond the second line from the bottom, and the fan never comes on. the fan does come on if i connect my code scanner & check for koer codes. the radiator, thermostat, water pump, & coolant temperature sending unit beneath intake have all been replaced in the past year. the a4ld was rebuilt about a year ago as well, if this helps any.
  2. Sounds like maybe you got a bad thermostat when you replaced the original. You could also try to block off some of the grille and see if it helps.
  3. Is it overheating ever? Or do you never have heat out of the heater core? If you have availably I would check you radiator with an IR temp gun to see if it is not cooling enough, or too much. Could be a bad sensor or gauge. Did it start happening before or after your replacement parts?
  4. I bought it a lil over a year ago (non driveable)& had the a4ld rebuilt locally. that was when we discovered it running hot, but the bottom of the radiator was staying cool. swapped out radiator for an aluminum one from advance, along with the busted thermostat. took it back to the shop for them to correct some issues w/ the rebuild, & their ir gun showed it still hot on one side. I had yhem change the water pump since they felt that was the issue. this shop, that I refuse to return to for anything other than warranty work, recomended I change the sending unit. they claimed not to know what else could be wrong. I currently don't have access to an ir gun. the friend I bought it from was 2nd owner, & had no knowledge of it running hot, just knew the trans needed work.

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