1992, 5.0, Lx, 5 Spd., 34,000 Original Miles

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  1. 1992 Ford Mustang LX, 5.0, 5 spd., 34,000 original miles, this car was purchased new at a local ford dealership, and has been in the family ever since. This vehicle has been repainted, as it sat in the sun and the original (red) paint was faded. The vehicle has four brand new michelin high performance tires on it. There have been modifications to the engine, A/C eliminator kit, K&N air filter kit, I have been told that the ford dealership installed a cam in it but cannot verify this. Interior is fair condition as the family member smoked, but there currently is no smoke scent in the vehicle. There has never been rust on this car, no bondo, never in a wreck, I have been under this car when it was on a lift, and it is very clean underneath. pics available upon request, $18,000. Vehicle located in Akron, Ohio.
  2. hmm... a repaint on a 34k mile car? Sounds a little fishy to me. Plus the engine bay looks like a 134k mile engine bay.I don't even think if those miles were original that it would be worth what you're asking.
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  3. Hello all,
    This vehicle was repainted due to exposure to the sun, the local Ford dealer diagnosed, and repaired any deficiencies with this vehicle. Local Ford enthusiasts have had the car up on the lift, and have verified the mileage, I have nothing to hide. The knowledgable people at this forum would be able to see any discrepancies, if they are interested in the vehicle. I find it hard to believe that someone with a total of 3 messages, is an expert at assessing a vehicle from two pictures taken with a cell phone. To anyone with legitimate requests, or questions, please contact me, oh, and by the way pystang1, for future reference the listed price is an opener, then negotiations occur, then if all parties agree on a price, a sale happens. :)
  4. $4000.00
  5. Hello 91hatchbck,
    Thank you for the extremely generous offer, but how about your 91 lx + $4000.00, i feel that would be more than fair with all of the aftermarket modifications, and probably HARD miles, that you have logged on your "hot rod". If you have a clear title I would be willing to begin the transaction tommorrow, just let me know. Thanks.

  6. Sorry, I cannot trade my notchback because I sold it for $12,000.

    Unfortunately, your car is a hatchback and it pretty rough which makes this a common $3-$4K car. If it was properly taken care of (stored inside not in the sun, not smoked in, clean engine bay, original paint, working AC, etc.) then maybe it would be worth more than $4000. In your case with the poor condition, you have a common old restorable Mustang LX.

    Good luck with the sale.

  7. Jack, frankly your car was never worth $18k. If you want any realistic chance of selling it, drop the price you're thinking by about 1/2. I wouldn't pay that for it, either, but at least you'd have a chance in hell of selling it, if it really is what you're representing. GLWS
  8. OP, I can't even see the pics of the car and I can assure you it isn't worth $18k. It probably didn't cost that brand new. I'm not an "expert" as some are, but I have bought and sold very nice low mileage Stangs since I was 18 years old and none of those were worth or brought near that. The $4000 offer was fairly generous in this market. If you really want to sell this car, drop your price by alot, stop assuming your car is the only low mileage Mustang in the world and don't be offended by people trying to actually help you here. You don't have to have a bunch of posts on a forum to know about these cars.
  9. Don't take it personally maybe you don't know better. But I can buy 93 cobra with these claimed miles for this price. Just FYI this cat is only worth 4k tops. I wouldn't even sell mu VERT for more than 8•10k
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  10. That price has got to be a mistake. Are you sure you didn't mean to type $8,000? In which case....that's still too high, but a lot more realistic.
  11. That's all I can figure too, man. That's just incredibly way out of the ballpark.
  12. I hate to be negative, but then again, I don't appreciate people trying to get over on people. Even if the car has what it claims to have, which I don't believe, it is still OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. I have many friends in the automotive industry and I'd get laughed at if I asked them if they knew any "Ford Enthusiasts" that would put my car on a lift just for the sake of giving me their opinion... just sayin'. I'd be interested in a good laugh if you could tell me how they "VERIFIED" the mileage by "putting it up on a lift". The bottom line is, there is no physical way of absolutely VERIFYING the mileage of an engine, unless of course you have some sort of receipt, which even then doesn't absolutely guarantee that it is what you're looking at. A GOOD mechanic can give you a decent estimation, but no one can pinpoint exact mileage with 100% accuracy. That being said, I'm pissed off at myself for wasting time replying to this thread! I just hope no one gets conned into buying this toilet.

    The car originally sold for $10K, you've done nothing but diminish the value by painting it and adding 30,000+ miles on it. Get real...

    Original MSRP 1992 LX 2dr Sedan
    See Specs$10,215LX 2dr Hatchback
    See Specs$10,721LX 2dr Convertible
    See Specs$16,899LX 5.0L 2dr Sedan
    See Specs$13,422LX 5.0L 2dr Hatchback
    See Specs$14,207LX 5.0L 2dr Convertible
    See Specs$19,644GT 2dr Hatchback
    See Specs$15,243GT 2dr Convertible

  13. Old thread. Dead an buried.



    Not sure why folks feel it necessary to bring them to the top.
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