1992 Black on Black Coupe 5 Speed

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by juicedcoupe408, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Installed The new heater core and new Headlights this past week.

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  2. "AC is all there". Does that mean the AC blows cold?

  3. Yes the A/C works and blows cold.
    Has been converted from R-12 referigerant to 134A .
  4. If I wasn't in the market and if I didn't have 10K cash in my pocket I wouldn't post this but damn dude that Notch is nice but these cars have not hit that level yet? 9K for a 130K mile notch? Nahh sorry bro but def good luck with it Blk on Blk is tough to find.:nice:

  5. I hear ya but this may be THE car for someone. And I am gonna hold on to it til then. It will stay buddy buddy with the car cover in the garage til then.
  6. 8500.00 Clean title ready to go . Was in the car show at bowling Green NMRA World Finals
  7. Why dont you drive that thing up to NY so I can check it out!
  8. I hear ya. I hate driving for more than an hour myself! I can give you directions down here though.:nice:
  9. Is this car still for sale?

    Do you have a phone # or email that I can contact you at?
  10. Sold Last night 8500.00 local guy on craigslist.
  11. congrats on the sale. Im sure once it was seen in person thats all it took, it looked like a really nice coupe.
  12. Thanks. I will probably miss it here in 10 years or so after the kids grow up.
  13. Hello, interested in your 5.0 , contact me 469-733-3109 thanks damon
  14. Sold
  15. still for sale?
  16. please send any other pics you have to [email protected] Interested in more pics of interior...engine and undercarriage.

    Thank You

  17. It literally says SOLD exactly right above your post??????
  18. Is this car still for sale?
  19. ^ You're joking, right?
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