Expired 1992 Ford Mustang Gt

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  1. It has time to sell my favorite toy. I have owned several Mustangs since I was 19 yrs old and this, by far, is my favorite. I bought this car 12 yrs ago and been working on it ever since. I bought it from the original owner who was in the Air Force stationed in Maryland, back then this car had 63k miles, it was parked at Andrews Air Force most of its life, stock with a faded two tone (Green top, Silver bottom) and in need of help. I immediately started working on it by taking the engine out and installing a 306 engine with Edelbrock Heads and Intake with Mac Headers that I had from a previous project. I did the body modifications listed and painted Emerald Green top to bottom. I drove it mostly on weekends and couple of times to the track, having other cars and a work truck is the main reason the car never got many miles driven. This Mustang is straight, with no body twist, all the doors and the hatch close as they should without any misalignment. The torque boxes are straight and it has no rust. The paint job is 11 yrs old so it has some defects, nothing major, but it cleans up really nice as you can see by the pictures. The 306 engine I installed had a oil pump malfunction last year and started knocking at low RMPs, so I removed the engine and installed the original back again. Even though the car has 72k miles the engine has 63k. I am also adding a bunch of spare parts that go along with the car, these parts are a Crane Ignition system, a set of 1.6 roller rockers, a set of tail lights and third brake light. The car has been run with battery wires to the trunk where a remote battery can be installed.
    The car does need a few things. The A/c system is R12, when I had the engine swap the shop lost the High Pressure hose and drier, parts that can be found online easily. The passenger side window works but the window switch needs the bezel that secures it to the door panel. The radio was never installed but I ran HD wires to all speakers, including to the doors (which Notch/Hatch Mustangs did not come with). The front seats are black Recaro leather, the rear seats are stock grey leather.
    I am trying to be as thorough as can, like I said this car has a lot of things done to it and needs just a few things to be street/race ready. In parts there is much more than what I am asking for. I am willing to listen to offers, but please dont offer me $5000 or what is the lowest I can take without seeing it in person.

    1992 Ford Mustang GT - 72xxx Original miles - 5 spd - A/c - P/w - P/L - P/s - Moon Roof
    Engine: Stock 5.0 302 - Walbro 255 In-tank fuel pump - Cobra ECU
    Griffin 3 Row Radiator - Smog Pump Delete - Under Drive Pulley Kit -
    120 amp Alternator - 70mm Edelbrock Throttle Body
    8mm HD Spark Plug Wires - In-Fender Cold Air Kit
    Transmission: WorldClass T5 with forged Input & Output Bearing - Cobra Sync Kit
    King Cobra Clutch - Cobra Throwout Bearing - Adjustable Clutch Cable
    Short Shifter
    Exhaust: Stock Headers - Mac H-Pipe - Mac Muffler - Mac Cobra Chrome Pipes - All 2.5"
    Suspension: Eibach Springs - Lowered 1.5" front / 2" rear - Cobra Sway Bars front & rear
    Cobra Bushing Kit - QA1 Adjustable Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms
    QA1 Adjustable Front Shocks - QA1 Rear Track Shocks - Sub Frame Connectors
    Brakes: Stock
    Differential: Stock - 3.55 gears - New Bearings and Seals
    Wheels: 16" Chrome Pony 5 star
    Tires: Eagle F1 245/55/16
    Body: Cobra Front Grill - Clear Turn Signals - Clear Marker Lights - LX Tail Lights
    Cobra Rear Bumper - Saleen Rear Wing - Cervini 2.5" cowl hood
    All New Door, window, moon roof and tailgate
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  2. Please list your asking price and item location (city/state) per forum guidelines.

  3. Sorry about that, thought I had that listed.
    Price:$7000 obo
    Location: Easton, Connecticut.
    Contact #: 301-366-7857
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