1992 Foxbody Gt Hatch No Turn Signals!!!

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  1. I have recently replaced the heater core on my 92 fox hatch and the turn signals stopped working. They had worked before removing the dash and gauge cluster and I have replaced the turn signal fuse. I have hazards and everything else electrical except turn signals. If anyone could help that would be very appreciated.
  2. Replace the Flasher, it is right behind the Glovebox Door.
  3. Replace the Flasher, it is right behind the Glovebox Door.
    I have and still no turn signals
    When I got the car everything worked I replaced the heater core (pulled the dash) and put everything back together correctly and now they don't work.
  4. What year is your car?

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  5. Is your hazard switch turned on but the hazards are not working? I thought my blinkers were not working, but in fact it was my hazard system was not working, the switch was on but nothing happening, when I turned it off my blinkers worked normally.

    edit- nevermind i see you stated hazards work in your opening post.
  6. The hazards work find I just don't have turn signals at the switch I am wondering if something could have gotten pulled when doing the heater core or my multi switch or ignition switch is bad
  7. Sounds like the case. You might have missed something when putting back it together. Probably a simple plug, or perhaps something got damaged. I would default to something occured when you did the heater core. Its certainly possible something else could have gone bad at the same time, but the odds are more in favour of the first scenario over the latter.

    Does the flasher work? Do you hear clicking when you hit the turn signal, just no output on the dash or lights, or nothing at all?
  8. Nothing at all but before the heater core replacement everything worked
  9. Other possible problem sources for the turn signal malfunction are the ignition switch, multifunction switch and the plastic shell that holds the turn signal wiring connector pins.

    A word of caution about multifunction switches is in order here. The multifunction switch (high/low beam, wiper, turn signals) are different for different years. 87-89 will work in any 87-89 car. The 90-93 switches only work in 90-93 cars. You can't put an early model switch in a late model car, nor can you put a late model switch in an early car.

    Supposedly you can move the pins around to make the switches work in model years that are different from the car the switch came out of. I cannot verify that and haven’t tried it .
  10. id put it at 99% something related to the heater core swap.
  11. Maybe this will help...


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