1992 GT, 99.8% stock, extremely clean

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    Posted this here before. Need to sell now, still might paint it but thought someone might want it as is.

    132K miles, 5 speed. Excellent condition. Engine is immaculate. I can't even explain, it has to be seen. Body is perfectly straight, no dings or dents. The interior is almost perfect as well, the only minor issues are the headliner has some small cuts in it here and there, the driver door lock doesn’t work, and the ash tray door doesn’t work. The seats have no rips and are also in excellent condition, they don't even lean. The dash and door panels, rear hatch area are also in great condition. I have also just ordered the cargo shade cover which will make the interior complete. I have repainted the trim with SEM paint. Didn't restore them really just sanded down a little and shot em. Also waxed the side panels which are in good shape. The hood, roof, and hatch are the issue for the exterior, they will need to be painted. Again the body itself is perfect. The car is almost 100% stock. The only after market mods if you will are Flowmaster mufflers and a larger radiator. Stock upgrades include a new alternator and power steering pump, new front brakes and rotors. I have also put in a fan blade and fan clutch. It has the upgraded conversion for a/c as well and blows crazy cold. Oil change done and new air filter.

    Also have the Carfax which is clean, no reports. $3900 obo.

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  2. He said the ash tray door doesnt work....:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Just a little fox body humor ;)
  3. Yes it was supposed to be on the lighter side. Everyone used to makes such a big deal about it had to put it in there, or at least those selling their cars with ones that work make it a point to mention it works.
  4. Damn, really sucks this car is out west! Kind of fits the mold of what I am looking for and price range as well. GLWS
  5. Yeah sorry about that. It's happened to me a lot too, find exactly what you'd like but somewhere else. I've shipped a car before, pretty easy, but does eat into the budget. Thanks and good luck with your search as well.
  6. Yeah, shipped many as well. Probably would cost $800 to get to all the way to Tampa from AZ.
  7. Right, I think I paid roughly $500 for one from Oregon to here. It's great if you find the perfect one. Having done it before I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  8. would you take 4000 including shipping to East coast area Ohio, NJ, pa, Maryland areas>?
  9. it would cost alot more than $200 to ship it to the east coast...do you expect him to pick up the remainder of the cost??? :bs:
  10. Sorry haven't been on here for a while. Sent you a pm 347gt. Since a local deal fell through I've gone ahead and I'm having the paint fixed. Since original post have also done cap/rotor, plugs, and wires. Tried to keep it original :rlaugh: but had to be done. Amazing the difference those little items make, runs really strong now for a stocker.

    I'll post updated pics when complete, could possibly be Friday.
  11. Friday cant come quick enough :D.....and god willing niether can December :rolleyes:
  12. Haha yeah I hear ya, you never know! Not positive he'll get it done Friday, so hoping for the weekend sometime.
  13. Got it painted! Full body paint job, factory codes, 2 base, 2 clear. I just have to touch up the trim again and it's done...good thing as I'm out of funds. Enjoy.

  14. Nice!! How much are you asking now that it is painted?
  15. Looks real good great job on paint
  16. Thanks! I'm extremely happy with how it turned out. Just have to put another coat or two on the trim and correct a couple other small details and it's done. It is officially for sale now though as of this post, just have to get it listed here. I'm not exactly sure on what to ask but based on what I've seen locally I'll start at $5900 and take offers of course. If I'm way off base let me know, but again basing on locally what I've seen. Have seen junk in the 4K's but then there is also a very nice 88 gt with 102K listed for $6950 here which is really high I think but maybe someone is looking for that exact car. It's not perfect but considering the condition and how it runs for the mileage it's amazing, and also relative to how rare they are in stock form in this condition. Thanks for looking.
  17. awesome 92, great job :nice: :nice:
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