Electrical 1992 GT - battery / stereo problem


New Member
Dec 3, 2018
Surrey, bc
so i have my fox stored for winter in my garage and i would regularly start it up every little while. i recently got lazy and let it sit for too long without starting it and the battery died and didnt start the car. jump start worked fine but now i have to jump start it every time... what to do????? and i recently installed a new stereo, it worked fine up until this battery issue, now it just doesnt turn on at all even when the car is running, how do i fix this??
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John Dirks Jr

5 Year Member
Jun 28, 2013
How old is the battery? They can go bad anytime but surely after a few years, especially if the car doesn't get driven that much. Charge the battery fully then do a load test on it. Many local parts stores will do a load test for free. You can pull the battery and take it there.

For the radio not working, have you checked the fuses?


Dec 16, 2018
Enid, Oklahoma
John Dirks Jr is right about the battery... They never last as long as we think they should, and about your radio fuses. One thing to remember... The radio has two circuits to run. Constant 12v for the memory, and switched 12v from the ignition. Both have to work in order for the radio to turn on. Check fuse 8 and 11.

Other times, if the voltage goes below 8.5vdc, the radio may have gone into protect mode. You may have to simply unplug the radio fuses both together and it may fix it. The other option, is to check the fuse on the very back of the radio head unit. The exact location varies by make/model, but its usually right next to the wiring harness. If you don't immediately see it, pull the harness from the radio. Sometimes they are hidden under a piece of plastic on the harness itself. That little mini fuse could have blown as well. They are usually red/10A so they don't hold up to much. Just a thought.