1992 LX 5.0 hatchback

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  1. 1992 LX 5.0 hatchback (built 306, h/c/i/s-trim/etc)

    To start, I'm pretty bummed about posting this ad. :( If you search my username, you'll find years of posts while I built and enjoyed this car. I tried to give this car the best I could, and my intent was to build a very quick, fun street car. This is NOT a drag car, but you can make it one if that's your goal.

    1992 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 5-speed (original) for sale. Body has 107,0xx miles, ALL mods have fewer than 10K miles, and built motor was done 2500 miles ago.

    I am the 2nd owner, purchasing the car in 12/2002 with 97,000 miles on the odometer. I bought this car bone-stock, down the silencer. I have the original dealer window sticker, as well as the 1992 Mustang sales brochure.

    Car is an original 5.0, 5 speed car. I wasn't interesting in do any swaps, hacks, etc with my car.

    This was my "toy" project, and has served many hours in my shop, being measured for various new products from my business. Every single mod, including the built engine, was voluntary and done for fun. The original 302 was in perfect working order when removed for the forged internals.

    Asking price is $9750.00 OBO. No trades, thank you. My reason for selling is that she must fund my next project, and sadly I can't have both.

    All the details are listed below, and I'll post a 2nd reply with plenty of photos. Any questions, please ask away!

    Car is located in Memphis, TN and can be seen at the office of Speed of Sound LLC. The link in my signature has the contact information.





    1992 Mustang LX Hatcback (Deep Jewel Green, code PA)


    306 CID small block by BB&T Racing (12/2005, installed 2006)
    OEM block
    302 main girdle
    OEM Crankshaft
    Eagle forged connecting rods
    JE/SRP Racing Pistons
    ARP Main Studs
    ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
    ARP 7/16 Head Studs
    ARP Intake Bolts
    ARP Oil pan bolts
    Trick Flow Stage 1 cam
    Comp Cams Pushrods 6.300
    AFR 185 cylinder heads from Keith Craft (2.02/1.60)
    Ford GT-40 (tubular) intake manifold, gasket matched
    BBK/Edelbrock 70mm throttle body (w/ EGR deleted all the way to software)
    Scorpion 1.6 Roller Rockers (clear anodized finish)
    50 oz Performance Products Balancer
    3G alternator upgrade
    New water pump (during engine build)
    Felpro gaskets
    K&N valve cover crank case vent filter


    FRPP stainless short tube headers
    Bassani BX X-pipe (with catalytic converters)
    Bassani BX catback exhaust (3 tail pipes)


    OEM flywheel
    King Cobra Clutch
    OEM driveshaft
    T5 manual transmission (original)
    Ford Motorsport 3.73 gears
    FRPP traction lock rebuild kit (during gear swap in fall/2005)
    Steeda Tri-Axe shifter
    Hurst Roll Control line lock (switch in custom ashtray panel)


    Monroe Shocks/Struts
    Eibach Pro-kit Springs
    Performance Products street dampeners
    Steeda lower control arms
    OEM brakes, completely replaced 1/2005
    2003 Cobra replica wheels (4 lug) 17 x 9
    Nitto NT 555R Extreme Drag 275/40/17 (rear)
    Nitto NT 555 Extreme ZR 235/45/17 (front)


    Walbro 255 lph in-tank fuel pump (high pressure model)
    Vortech T-REX in-line fuel pump
    Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
    MSD 6AL Ignition Module
    MSD Blaster Coil
    Taylor Pro-Race Plug Wires
    Autolite 24 plugs
    Four Seasons custom dual core radiator
    Flexalite Black Magic Extreme 3300 cfm electric fan
    CSR 1 qt. overflow tank, clear anodized aluminum finish
    CSR billet aluminum mounting bracket, clear anodized finish
    DC Controls variable speed electric fan controller


    All original exterior paint
    5.0Resto “mass-back” carpet replacement (Titanium Silver)
    Restored/rebuilt door panels incorporating custom lower panel
    Panel houses MB 6.5 Reference series mid-bass and 1 (25mm) tweeter
    Speaker panel is fiberglass construction, wrapped in Select Products HF series vinyl
    Secure, stock-looking appearance. Awesome sound quality.
    Eclipse 5302 indash AM/FM/CD player
    Custom CNC-machined dash mounting plate for Eclipse
    Custom swith panel in ashtray location
    Xtant 3300c 3-channel amplifier (600 watts total)
    JL Audio 12w6v2 in custom fiberglass enclosure
    Illuminated amplifier rack, smoked plexiglass viewing window and vinyl-wrapped mdf trim panel

    Power Adder

    Vortech V2 SQ S-trim supercharger (3.33 pulley for 8 psi)
    SCT BA-2400 MAF
    UPR Boostmaster pipe (plastic)
    K&N filter (inside passenger fender) ASP smog pump eliminator
    Ford Motorsport AC eliminator

    Tuned by Dynospeed Racing in Memphis, TN. 415rwhp/445rwtq on 93 octane, table-flat AFR. I personally feel there is plenty more power capability, only a pulley swap and tune away!
  2. More pics. If you'd like something specific, let me know and spot me a couple days, I'll get it.

    Photos of interior and engine compartment were taken 10/15/2009. :flag:









  3. BB&T Racing (southhaven, MS) built 306 (details in post #1)



  4. Very nice and clean car! Good Luck.
  5. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for looking!

  7. let me know what you want for it with stock motor and tranny!
    I've got a nice 408 that would slip right in!
    i need the stock drivetrain so i can get it home!
  8. I've decided to bump this one back up TTT.

    The stereo has been removed from the car. The hatch area is empty, and the radio area will have a delete panel in place. The door speakers will stay with the car, along with the crossovers that match them. Besides these stereo components, nothing else from the description has been removed. No performance parts whatsoever have been taken from the car.

    The offer closest to $11,000 will drive it home. Title in hand, car located in Memphis, TN. Car can be seen by appointment, most any time.

  9. are you still planning the motor swap? or the roller option?
  10. Back up to the top!

    A bunch of lookers, tire kickers, etc - but the car is still in my garage! :shrug:

    Open to intelligent offers....
  11. Any pics of the hatch area now that the amp and box are gone? No cables showing, carpet intact?

    Beautiful car!
  12. Thanks. :nice:

    I don't have any pics of the hatch area, but can take them if you're interested in the car.

    There is no carpet in the hatch area, just bare floor pan. All wiring (power/ground/speaker/RCAs) have been spooled up and placed into a small box (inside the tire well). I can *easily* get on the horn with LRS if a piece of hatch carpeting is holding anyone back from buying.

    -Alan :flag:
  13. TTT for new offers. :nice:

    To clarify one thing from the post above:

    If anyone would like the trim panel and sub box (without woofer or amps), I still have it and would include it with the car. If not desired, I'll toss it out or find a local fox owner to grab it.
  14. TTT with a revised price of $9750 OBO.

    I hope people realize this is not a :bs: fox body at a :bs: price. It's getting close to buy my mods (cheap), and I throw in the car for free! :nice:

    Thanks for looking!

  15. First off great looking car , i just sold my 89 hatch gt which was about 95 % complete and am in the market. I am wondering about how many miles the car has to date and whether or not you still have the car. I am unfortunately in afghanistan right now and wont be home till sept but i am very very interested in this car. I live in charlotte n.c when i am home so coming to see the car wouldnt be a stretch at all to come see it or get someone to do it for me. If you dont sell can you keep me updated on what is going on with it and i will make time to see the car. My email is [email protected] and i check this regularly. Thanks for your time sir and good luck with the car i hope it doesnt sell for my sake hehe !!!

    Sgt A. Henning
  16. Been a while, but this one is back TTT. :D

    Think I'm going to get more serious about moving this car, and will place it on a few other forums and in Autotrader @ the current price. It's getting depressing to walk by her every day, and admire the dust...

    It's way too nice of a car for that, but I simply don't have the spare time anymore.
  17. Wow what a perfect car. i want it bad. My wife and i decided to get into an older Fox since selling my Terminator and this would be perfect. A little far but I would fly down and pick it up if i can put together the money. I will shoot you a pm after i talk to the bank tommorow, Looking to get a personal loan maybe we can do something.

    With no inter/after cooling does the car run hot or heat soak easily? Thanks.

  18. sure u wouldn't take cash on top of a turbo 240?
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