1992 LX Build thread!

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  1. im going to start fabbing the radiator and NPR mounts later this week, i have a general idea oh how its all going to mount, but if anyone has any pictures they would be very appreciated

    also ordering gauges this week, and trying to decide what to get. im getting an Autometer mechanical boost/vacuum, and i need a air/fuel ratio gauge i believe as well. Oil pressure? i would like to get a narrow band, as the wideband is 3x-4x the price. does anyone here run a narrowband and find it adequate? fuel pressure gauge will also be installed later on
  2. found the cap rotor and wires at Rockauto finally after a lot of searching
  3. well, somehow i ended up with an IHI turo and a T3 elbow, so now i need to grab either T3 turbo or a IHI elbow. if anyone has either, lemme know
  4. hey! its been awhile, but i just wanted to give a big update on the car. i've been away on active duty for over a year, and didnt have much time to do a lot, but i somehow have made a TON of progress since this was last updated. the motor is in and running like a top! had an issue with receiving the wrong size main bearings, and had little to no oil pressure but tore the motor out and dropped a new set in and it has been great since. ive probably put 5k miles on it already. i mounted the NPR and Ranger radiator, and fabbed up some temporary cooling lines and tied the intake water jet into the heater line as well. used the Stinger 3" DP and then their y to dual exhaust set up with a single hi-flow cat. found a T3 elbow and used the Big T3 i had. the car has also been freshly painted the factory Bimini Blue and the body worked over, 93 Cobra wing installed as well. a set of 10th anniversary Cobra wheels and NT555's just went on as well. Matt Kotzur is currently making me a set of port matched upper and lower intakes, along with matching it to a 94-95 TB. and my Stinger PIMP should be here today. also have a new set of MM CC plates in, MM full length SFC incoming, and the next set of upgrades will be 5.0 front spindles and brakes with braided lines, then im gong to put 87-88 TC rear discs on using the north racecars brackets and drop a set of 3.55's in. and will probably do UCA's and LCA's at the same time. here are a few recent pics. also threw a set of Corbeau's i got fairly cheap in her


  5. mmm I dig it. It seems like every time I forget that I want to do all this myself one of you guys shows up from back in the day! Any motor shots?
  6. i can grab some tomorrow, she's dirst right now though. been too busy having fun driving her to pretty up the engine bay :)

    i got the vac line and O2 wire run for the PIMP today, should be going in tomorrow or this weekend. Matt at Kotzur Racing Heads (who is a absolute 2.3T guru) that built my head, is currently finishing up a set of gutted/ported/port matched intakes and SN95 TB, ported RFE6, custom heater lines, and a few other goodies that will be going on next. also will be dropping in a Aubirn pro and 3.55's and doing the rear TC disc brakes this winter that i have waiting for install.
  7. Awesome stuff! And I love the 10th Anniversary wheels btw.