1992 LX Build thread!

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  1. That one plug.. the second larger one.. looks like it goes to the door chime thing. It has a plug about that size and is usually clipped up under the right hand side-front. I could be wrong. Let me see if I can't pull up a wiring diagram. Is that a stock fan controller replacement?

    If your friend would get back, he could save me a little time here. lol. I'm doing what I can tho..
  2. That was listed as a stock replacement. But I couldn't find anything like it anywhere at all. And thanks! I disnt think incurs lose whole plugs and harnesses lol
  3. Well I got the 3G swap finished and extended the harness for the new fan as well. And will be finishing up the transmission on Thursday. Also wil be changing all fluids. And still need to find where those last 2 connectors go

    Does anyone know what gear oil to use in the rear diff?

    And if your out there send me a message Delray, I can't seem to find those relays anywhere!
  4. Also still couldn't find where the controller goes
  5. Compute died....finally got back online.

    Looks like you got busy since my absence. Still got to dig out the relays I have - gonna try tonight.

    Looking good......
  6. Stock amps for any 87 to 93 Mustang 2.3 or 5.0 was a weak 75 amps. And that was not at idle - more like 60ish.

    The factory 3G's will produce 130 amps above idle and over 100 at idle. Definitely something needed for any fox body regardless of 5.0 or 2.3.

    Certain 3g alts were the lower ones at 100 but they can be i.d.ed by the 4 small holes in the casing versus the 130 with 2 larger ones in the same place.

  7. the last photo is the fan controller. if that helps. usually the thick wires leading to it are fried.
  8. He's alive! That's what I thought it was, but I can't find where it goes. I found one that looks similar but it's not the same. And after reason another thread you posted in I don't think it's the controller or harness die to the fact that the AC clutch engages. It kicks on and off due to the fact that the fan doesn't
    Come on, but it kicks on. When I pull the trans I've got 2 sensors I'm replacing for the fan, hopefully that will fix it. The only other thing I can think it would be is the relay ;)

    And any idea what those other 2 plugs are?
  9. small three wire one - not sure - i'll peek under my dash and see if i can find it. Remember that they used the same wiring harness under the dash for 5.0 and 2.3, so it may be something not used. Could also be part of the air bag stuff - i heard of some module that lies in that area that craps out and most of the time they unplug it and the bag light goes away. don't know for sure tho....

    the other one I think is your fan controller harness. if it has 8 wires to it, chances are it is the controller harness. i know that i had difficulty pluggging mine in. that harness is in the right area for the controller.
  10. Also: I'm having trouble sourcing flywheel bolts locally and were doing the swap on Thursday so I don't have time to order them. I have the specs, 10mmx1x28.6. It was suggested to just go get and use grade 8 bolts. I just wasn't sure about that
  11. come to think of it - that small one might be for a courtsey light that goes to the key switch area in the column or the buzzer that goes off when key is left in the ignition.
  12. I'll look at that plug and controller again when i get home. I just disnt remove a controller when i took the column out, maybe it was just missing all together? I did see anoter small black box that looked similar to the controller but smaller and a different connection
  13. you'll be fine with grade 8 bolts. they are way stronger than anything your motor will put to it.

    I've had a complete big block 440 chrysler bolted to an engine stand with 4 grade 8 bolts for over 3 years and it's holding them with no warpage - and that motor weighs over 900 pounds.
  14. Well the big connector isn't for the fan controller, not the same size or connection type. Where is the controller actually located? Here's a pic of what I thought may be fan controllers, but both part numbers come Up as relays. And also: since my AC clutch kicks on, doesn't
    That mean my controller is working anyways?

  15. Also Just did more digging around under the dash and found what I thought was it bolted to the outer wall above the fuse box. turned out to be the cruise control module. so im at a loss where this controller is located. is it in the CCRM? on the left shock tower? and how does that sucker come off/open?
  16. I didn't want to read through the whole thread again but I think I know that 3 wire plug you are questioning.

    I did my automatic to manual swap the other day and that should be the plug that goes to the brake lockout for the automatic transmission. There was a cable from your ignition switch all the way to the AT shifter with a big soleniod in the middle of it underneath the steering shaft which would lock out the shifter if you didn't have the brake applied. You wont need that three wire plug anymore.
  17. Ahh, thanks! That's kinda what conclusion I was coming to. Just need to figure out that last plug and the whole fan controller relay/ccrm deal
  18. so we got the transmission mounted today, and just trying to finish up now. the issue im running into is linkage and excess cable. how does the clutch cable link the the transmission? and how is the cable routed? the way i have it currently routed leaves far too much excess cable. and where does the gold bracket bolt to on the cable? trying to get this done this week! HELP! thanks again guys!

    and Delray: my buddy took the IRCM and is going to open it up and inspect it and repair where necessary, and the ECT sensor tested good

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  19. I do know that the clutch linkage for a stock 2.3 has a wierd setup at the transmission - the cable to the pedal goes to a swivel further back on the transmission and the a small cable from that swivel pulls the fork back to the rear to release the clutch. Not sure how the 5.0's are setup.

    I wonder if the excessive length is the 5.0 cable and maybe it routes to the back and pulls the clutch fork back. maybe you need a bracket for that. not sure.
  20. Hmm, yeah I can't seem
    To find a linkage part anywhere online. If you get a chance sometime could you look at your maybe? And I dis order te cable for a 2.3