1992 LX Build thread!

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  1. thats where it seems to be coming from actually. i'll look into it better. and thats why i parked the car for 2 years, i was sure it was blown. but then the damn thing fired right up after sitting there for so long. and i can get a complete Felpro upper-end gasket kit and new timing belt kit for$70
  2. Yea, I could never get mine to seal properly, switched out to the steel reinforced gasket and never looked back. Alot of places dont have it in stock, I had to order mine online. Be advised they are quite a bit more than the average gasket, if you dont feel like dropping the coin ive had luck with the cork gaskets just as long as they are torqued properly, the ones to stay away from are the felpro rubber gaskets that have the metal spacers at the bolt hole locations and no steel reinforcement. They seem like a good option but all they have ever done for me was spill oil all over the engine bay.
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  4. ok, so got it figured out! the tailshaft of my T5 is leaking, and therefore dripping onto a hot catalytic converter thus creating the smoke. so that just gives me another problem, figuring out the leak and fixing it. from what i've read, i i dont think it is the bushing because i dont think i have any play in the shaft, and i really hope its not the bushing. is there any other way to tell forsure? and something else to possibly replace? im thinking about trying this, and if not i'll have to tear the tailshaft apart


    and still having idling and lack of power issues, and a lifter knock. hoping a fresh fuel filter and some running time will fix that
  5. Mine started leaking like crazy from that location, never messed with transmissions before so I took it to a shop and cringed. Ended up costing $58 after tax for them to pull the tailshaft and reseal everything, so it was alot cheaper than I expected suprisingly.
  6. wow really? not bad at all. im going to play with it a bit tomorrow, if there is no play, and i dont remember any, then its most likely not the bearing, and just that last seal
  7. Yea, it was leaving a rather large puddle in my driveway and was driving me crazy, started out with a couple drops here and there and within a month it was dropping a quarter quart in a night.
  8. yeah, im going to order the $5 rear seal, and hope thats it. if not, im out $5 and some time. plus it never hurts to replace old seals :D
  9. s took it to my mechanic to have the output shaft seal replaced, but started having a new issue. im getting what sounds like a lifter knock, which has been around for awhile, but now the car has absolutely no power. it will rev fine, but no power. mechanic says he thinks its a burnt valve. im going to get the car home and pull the head myself and check it out. any other things you guys suspect it would be?
  10. so i am replacing the head with a rebuilt unit, timing set, water pump and all the gaskets. im a bit worried about getting the timing correct, and am also having problems getting the new belt on past the bottom sprocket currently
  11. Are you still having issues? If so snap a shot of what your having issues with and what is causing your issues with getting it on the bottom sprocket. The only thing I can remember that could possibly cause any issues is if you fail to remove the crank pulley, Im not really sure though without seeing your restriction. The main issue I have encountered is the teeth not lining up exactly perfect with the marks and making it a little difficult to get everything on exactly right, but that is most likely due to my aftermarket cam. The process is pretty straight forward. http://www.turboford.org/faq/tim_belt.shtml
  12. thanks for the help! yeah, we're going to finish it up tomorrow. and I'm switching from Guard to active Army in March, so i will have more cash to play with monthly. i played with the idea of getting a new 5.0, but have decided on basically rebuilding this one from the ground up. going to start by sourcing a good donor engine and have it re-built, and start piling parts up!
  13. You wont regret switching to active. I was active Army, finished my contract and then enlisted in the Guard just to see how it was and absolutely hate it. You know where your going yet? You should hit up Ft.Bragg if you can still choose, its a great location, Myrtle Beach 2 hours away, Raleigh 45 minutes away, the list goes on. Just do not hang around Fayetteville place is a craphole full of woman who want your money and health insurance.
  14. thanks bud, im also reclassing so ive got 7 months of training ahead of me. and im REALLY preying to get stationed here in Texas, or close by. FT Sam Houston is my #1. its hard to get it, but since im medical side it will be a bit easier. next up are FT Hood, FT Bliss, maybe even FT Sill. my mom has health issues so im trying to stay as close as a can. i'll be at FT Benning for 3 months then FT Sam for 4. whats your MOS?
  15. That makes sense. I hear most of the bases in Texas are pretty nice. But depending on how long your going active expect to PCS to a different base after a couple years or deploy unless you are close to your ETS. I am 11B, just so your wary I did 3 deployments in 5 years. Some active duty guys get the shaft, get back from a deployment and have PCS orders waiting for a new base, show up to the new base who is deploying in a month. Sometimes guys also go their 4 years with no deployments at all, so it really is just luck of the draw. So hopefully for your sake you can get hooked up.
  16. im hoping to deploy atleast once while im active. havent decided if im going to stay active more than 4 years, but if i dont im going to stay Guard or Reserves after. my Guard MOS is 38B, but am re-classing to 68W. if i re-up i will probably change to 11B or another CA branch, there just weren't any spots for any at the moment. but i will get a good bit out of 68W while im in it
  17. OK, so we got the head on and everything bolted up! it had a high idle around 2K RPM's, but has since settled to where it was oroginally. getting great compression and starts right up, and the knocking from the lifters filling up has almost completely gone away as well. the engine has only run for about 5 minutes though. HERES THE PROBLEM: were getting throttle response issues. it will rev, but takes a good bit of time to return to idle. its not cable related, we had the lever held closed. intake or vacuum leak possibly?
  18. Could you have something as simple as a faulty TPS or IAC motor?
  19. its possible, i havent checked. im not shooting any codes, is there another way to check/test for those? the idle has since evened out, so i would lean more towards the TPS. but would still like to trouble shoot opposed to throwing parts at it
  20. There should be a voltage spec for the TPS, which can be checked. I will be honest and say that I don't know exactly what it should be, but I believe a forum search should give you the info you need.