1992 mustang gt build thread (1bad67sbf)

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  1. well to start the car was on its way to the crusher and was intercepted by a buddy and sat in a field for almost 3 years when i got it from him for $500. it was stripped good, it had no seats, engine, trans, efi harness, and alot more. so here is the best part, the pics:nice:
    this is when it was still in the field
    this is after i got it home and a quick clean
    the gt wing was a purchase from ebay, thats why it is grey
  2. here is after i cleaned it some inside
    it was still to nasty so i took everything out
    after a good cleaning it is alot better
  3. here is the start to the engine, it is not going to be staying because im getting another engine to build up some but this one is from a 1988 E250 van (5.0). the whole efi wont work so i found a hell of a deal on a set of heads, oem intake W/ TB and all sensors but no egr, dizzy, and oil pan kit for $30, so that got me on track for efi not carb like i was going to do.
    then after removing the truck stuff
    and here is my pile of ebay scores to try to put this car back together
  4. Nice work! Let me know if you want this added to the "progress threads" thread.
  5. cool buildup.... why on earth would someone send that to the crusher?
  6. Yeah seriously! The body looks great!
  7. thats fine, thanks
  8. thats why it was stopped buy my buddy, not only is it nice, other than the hood and wing it is original paint and has never had body work done. it has a small rust spot on the driver fender but its not bad at all. i think the previous owner used it as a parts car.:shrug:
  9. this weekend if the rain stays away im going to pull the headliner out because the sunroof leaked into the it. i have new weather stripping for the sunroof and im thinking about just trying to reglue the headliner and putting it back. has anyone done this or should i pay for a new one?
  10. that is the cleanest JY shell I have ever seen. body and interior wise its nicer than any running fox I have ever bought.
  11. yeah it was rough looking but had to much potential not to buy, someone broke the center console below the radio and broke the hell out of the arm rest and took the rear speakers but some time and ebay got the arm rest replaced and a friend of mine, (188slo50) sold me the center console and a bunch of other stuff i needed. it also had no keys and title so that cost $170 to get keys and title but now i have title in hand its time to start bolting things on
  12. nice build
  13. thanks S&B, and nice video, lol
  14. I wish mine was in that kind of shape to start with...
  15. its a GOOD day, i went out after work to cut my stock H pipe out to take to the scrap yard for some quick cash and thought the cat back looked clean so i looked closer and it already has a DYNOMAX catback with super turbo mufflers. that saved me a nice chunk of change and it should sound good with the 1-3/4 BBK long tubes and BBK h pipe i got the other day. anyone have that catback? how do they sound?
  16. :)heck yea! finally a progress thread!!!
    i cant wait to see this car come together. it looks like a really clean starting point. i love the color. it should look really good with those bullits!
  17. Good save man, nice to see it come together.

    Does the shortblock have valve relief pistons?
  18. yeah im trying to score the 5 lug parts at CARLISLE, PA. it is a HUGE swap meet. its like 30+ acers of parts and on june 3 its ALL FORD. the bullets are going to be nice but i may have to run the five stars for a little while if i get the car back together fast. how is your car doing?
  19. sweet! going to CARLISLE is on my bucket list. it seems like there is a ton of stuff there! nothing is wrong with running on some ponys for a while. they look great on that car IMO. my car is doing great!
  20. i dont know? i did not plan on pulling the heads on this engine. its a non roller engine and all i plan for it is a small cam. a buddy has a roller 302 with edelbrock performer efi intake for me to build to make some power. whats killing me is i have this engine for my 67 just setting at the shop.