1992 mustang gt build thread (1bad67sbf)

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  1. i have a quick two part question, was the sunroof trim gloss or flat black from the factory and how the hell do you remove the glue left behind when you remove window tint?
  2. For cleaning gunk off windows i use razor blade+windex...
  3. what i have going on is someone put blue tint on the sunroof and it is now purple so i want it off but i have removed tint film from my old truck and it was a disaster to get the glue off and i tried tint film remover, windex, i even put carb cleaner on a rag (that worked best so far but still not great). their has to be an easy way to do it.
  4. best way to remove tint is to spray the hell out of it with windex, then tape a garabe bag tight over the area to keep the window wet. Let it sit overnight and then use a razor. The ammonia in the windex breaks the adhesive down. real easy
  5. good deal i will give it a try, thanks.
  6. i use dish soap and hot water to take tint off and a window scraper blade..works very good
  7. well i got the sunroof done and started thinking about the engine some, so i have a A9L ecu and a non ho motor so i need to get a cam to fix this. this is what i have now and what i need to know is can i make this a roller setup with this comp cams kit? then i can get a set of roller lifters and a mild or stock ho cam
  8. Is a cam all you need to convert an non-H.O. motor to H.O.? The firing order is different i thought.
  9. thats what my issue is i have a a9l ecu with a HO firing order so i need to put a cam in that will work with the a9l. all 351w cams i looked at said non computer cam so i want to put a HO roller cam in it. i just talked to my buddy and he has a engine im going to buy from him and it is a roller setup so i wanted to swap the parts to this block until i get the engine work done on the true roller block. it also has an edelbrock performer intake on it i could use.
  10. The absolute easiest way and less obtrusive is to get a steam cleaner from good ole wal mart. 20 bucks and you're done. Read any tint forum, they'll tell ya the same
  11. well it sounds like the only way to put a roller cam in this engine is going to cost like $500+ so now im thinking about throwing a 351w cam in it. im working on finding out if the A9L will even know anything changed. here is the cam im thinking
  12. ok, well the cam should work fine so i need to pick what cam i should get from the two below, any comments would be helpfull, keep in mind this engine will most likley end up in my 84 f150 4X4 when i get my roller motor done so i want to get a cam with a good bottom end but still pull ok up top.
    any other flat tappet cam kits in this price range are also an option if its better but i do like Lunati.
    any chance the small one will be ok with stock springs?
  13. You can turn the engine upside down and drill and tap the valley for the spider and use the spider and lifter guides from a roller 302 then use roller lifters and any roller cam for a 302 ho efi
  14. Before you do it you need to check the lifter bores and see if they are the same as a 302 roller block. If they are then you can do the swap by drilling and tapping. If not then you will want to use link bar rollers or a flat tappet.
  15. I just read that "EVERY SINGLE 302 from 1985 and up is a roller block regardless of what cam ford put in it roller or flat tappet" If this is true than you can simply drill and tap the valley and use the stock parts from a ho engine.
  16. bingo on #2 and the link bar style is like 400-500 bucks and this engine is only short term to this car, maybe a year in the car.
  17. this block is D0AE so its a 1980
  18. You said in a earlier post that it was from a 1988 E250 van (5.0). ?
  19. wait, sorry that would be a 1970 its an E0AE (1980)
  20. thats what i pulled it from but i think it was a reman because of the date code and the shortblock was so clean, that pic up top was with no surface prep. it has no sludge so far but i have yet to pull the pan.