1992 mustang gt build thread (1bad67sbf)

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  1. well now i have the cam, double roller chain set, timing cover, balancer, oil pan and water pump back on with all new seals and gaskets. i also got the efi parts swaped from the OEM lower intake to the edelbrock lower.
    its raining its ass off now and im tired of walking in water and mud so i will put the heads and intake on tomorrow.
    maybe i will get some new pics tomorrow.
  2. got the heads on and lower intake bolted down. now im waiting on the flywheel bolts so i can put the clutch together and drop it in the car:nice:

    and my helper
  3. I was gonna say that you clutch isn't gonna bolt up to that flex plate to well lmao
  4. It's getting there, keep up the good work.
  5. thanks, its been fun so far. i just hope the damn thing starts when i crank it.lol
  6. well i got the oil system primed and should have flywheel bolts tomorrow. i was putting the upper intake together and wanted to know am i better off blocking the coolant from flowing to the TB spacer? it sounds like an easy answer to keep heat from the intake but will this cause a CEL with the EGR?
    what spark plugs are best for a stock/mild 302?

    also the van i got the motor from had what looked like a condensor mounted with the coil, if i use the van dizzy should i use this too or is it not needed?
  7. I have never bypassed my T/B due to ever changing weather in Texas.

    As far as spark plugs go...I have had the best luck with Autolite copper plugs in my cars.
  8. im in VA so i guess it would be a good idea to hook it up for winter temps. i will look into the autolite coppers. thanks for the help.
  9. WOW, its so much better with the engine in the car:nice: . im fighting vac lines but the first thing to take care of is the bottom so i cut the patch for my hacked trans crossmember support today and i will bring my welder home and weld it up tomorrow. once that is done i can put the trans in and put the exhaust together. once it is back on the ground i will hit the under hood fight. i will try to get some more pics after the bottom is bolted up.
  10. I have that same intake. Big improvement over stock.
  11. good deal, i dont see alot of this intake. can you tell me much about it? i got it for $100 but it cost $100 to get it welded and decked. how do they compare to the other edelbrock performer intakes? are they the same other than looks??
  12. well today was good, i went to the carlisle pa spring show and got some parts and one wicked damn sunburn. i got a two speed E-Fan with shroud for $10, a used K&N wannabe filter for $5 and a new ac delete kit from mustangs unlimited for $38. i put the ac delete kit on and welded a bracket on my crossmember this afternoon to fix the hack jod someone did to it. i will try to get some pics when the trans is in.
  13. well the crossmember i got was for an auto but i was told it came from a t5. no matter how i turned it that thing was not going to fit.lol the guy i got it from is supposed to try to get me the right one so time will tell but im stuck in the water for now.

    for the e-fan relay kits what do you guys recommend?
  14. got the right crossmember and now the trans is home and tomorrow i will try to get the drive shaft and the h pipe hooked up. i also cleaned up the oem mounts on the e-fan from what ever it came from, i still need to get the zips to mount it.
    here are some much needed pics:nice:


    here is an intake cover i made from a sheet of aluminum that i was going to use before i got the edelbrock intake
  15. please delete this post, the pic failed thanks
  16. here is the underside
  17. Sweet

    Badass man. Nice progress and keep moving ahead, your close. Your roller is nicer then mine was and I got mine put back together and im only 14 so you can do it. Good luck. :nice:
  18. thanks man, its coming along good. maybe in a couple of weeks i will be posting a pic with the tires smoking:nice:
  19. Looks great man! Almost there. I broke my tires loose the other day for the first time in 3 months! You'll get there soon!
  20. that water pump is a wee bit rusty!!!!

    looking good though