1992 mustang gt build thread (1bad67sbf)

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  1. thanks man, as soon as its going i will be sure to knock some tread off the tires and post a pic.

    yeah the water pump is ugly as hell :nonono: and i was going to paint it but if i make it look shiny it will just start making something else look dirty and before i know it i have spent another week painting and cleaning an engine that will end up in my old truck if i dont kill it in this car.
  2. here is something a guy online did for me to give me an idea of what my engine setup should do. it was done on desktop dyno. he had to use a cam that was close to mine but not dead on.
  3. ok well a little update, i got the e fan installed and serp belt on (the belt was a pain in the ass, it took me like 8 belts to get it right. lol)
    also i thought i would post a pic for all the guys with a nice garage, this is what i have to build my toys up. its half assed but its better than when i had to just work in the yard and fight rain.lol
    and last i thought i would show a pic for fun of my 67 project, it was nice when i got it 15 years ago from my grand parents but alot has changed over the years. (it was FREE)
    i have some parts in the mail like the o2 sensor harness and coil bracket and on friday i will hit autozone for some more odds and ends but a burn out pic should not be to far away.
  4. well i got a little update, my engine harness is wrong so i need to pick if i want to make it work or get the right one. im going to put a good attempt at getting a 92-93 harness so its plug and play. here is a little score i came across at the swap meet.
    here is some misc junk i got also and a steering wheel im thinking about using
  5. once the five lug is on i can mount the wheels i have had setting around for a year or so
  6. well i got the rear calipers, dust cover, ect... cleaned and painted. i got the rear rotors turned and i will get started tomorrow after work on the fronts.
    i thought sn95 parts were cheap then i looked up some of the stuff i got and they are like $500 front and $400 rear.lol i paid $150 for everything in the pick above. all from a 95GT. i thought it was a good deal but i did not know how good it was.
  7. Hey, if those front rotors/spindles are lincoln and not sn95 I don't think your center caps are gonna clear on those wheels. I've got a lincoln five lug setup in my barn and I can't the front spindles with the sn wheels I wanna run.:(

    Might look into that..

    EDIT: my bad-95 gt! looked like lincoln stuff...:shrug:
  8. BTW- Like the car! Nice color!:)
  9. dude!!!!! you scared the chit out of me,lol. i hauled ass out to the shed and got a front spindel and it fit like a glove. :nice:
  10. the mutherf**ker started, this pos wont idle, has CEL, leaks oil, reads no oil psi, temp wont work, and now it wont restart!!! LOL WOW!!! if it is the rear main and it gets bad im going to hold second gear on the floor in a big burn out till parts fly!!! "if i can get it to start again"
    sounded good when it was running other than the intake pop every now and then. LOL
  11. Intake pop is probably timing is off
  12. yeah i know, i just went out again because i cant leave well enough alone and it was hard to start so i twisted the dizzy and it was even harder so i went the other way and it ran good. it would not idle but i could hold it at 900rpm so i cut it off to turn the idle up and now it wont restart again
  13. Timing lites are very useful lol
  14. this is true,lol I forgot I even had one till you posted that. I will see if I can get it to idle so I can make it under the hood tomorrow. it hesitates when holding any rpm but when revving through the rpm's it's super smooth so I will have to work on that over the weekend and the mufflers have to go!! its to quiet for me like this.
  15. what would make the oil pressure and temp gauge read flat nothing? also the dash light wont come on when the head lights are on.
  16. Sounds like a bad connection possibly from corrosion. Has the interior of the car been damp? If it sat on grass or dirt with the engine/trans out with the shifter hole open for an extended period of time condensation may have formed in the car and corroded the connections on the back of the instrument cluster.
    Now, granted, that's a wag (wild assed guess). It could be multiple bad connections on the engine harness, bad sending units, etc.etc.

    What I would do is step over into 5.0 tech and post a thread with that question and the real trouble shooters will step up. those guys haven't failed me yet! Good luck!
  17. thanks, i will!
  18. well, I should have gone carb because I cant get this POS right!!! it runs WAY to rich and I cant get my timing down below 30* BTD, it idles like its running on 4 cyl then all on its own it revs to 3-4k. WTF!! im soooooo close to pulling the motor for my carb setup 302 I have at my work or selling the ****! what kills me is the money I have dropped into efi and a stupid amount of labor
  19. Well its been over a year since i posted here and to be honest i did not work on the car much after my last post till about a month ago, i dont care to hear from anyone saying anything sh*ty about going carb so dont waste your time telling me how EFI is better.
    So with that out the way i got a edelbrock air gap intake and a 1406 edelbrock carb, regulator with return line, and pulled the harness down to only what it needed after the white and black connectors. same distributor, fuel pump, ect... car runs like a champ!!! all guages on dash work like they should and it idles great and has good smooth power. Still have some small tuning to do but its so easy now, i just have to get it tagged and then i can take it out on the road and tune it more that quick runs up and down the road in front of my house. Feels good to put another Fox on the road and not in the crusher, thanks john