1992 Mustang LX 5.0 For Sale!

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  1. 1992 Mustang SOLD!!


    1992 Ford Mustang LX


    5.0 liter V8
    Racing Tube Headers
    Comp Cam
    Full Custom Welded Exhaust with Cat-Delete and X-pipe
    Flowmaster American Thunder Mufflers
    Ford Motorsport Plug Wires
    Recent Tune up. New Plugs, wires, cap and rotor, air filter, oil filter, battery, radiator flush, upper motor gaskets.

    Transmission and Rear

    Ford Aod 4 Speed Automatic
    B&M Shift Kit
    3.90 Gears


    Brand New Complete Paint Job. GM Sunburst Orange Metallic
    New Fenders and Moldings and Emblems.
    No Dents, Scratched, Waves or Blemishes.
    16" Silver Pony Wheels
    Sunroof (does not leak)


    GT interior Grey Tweed Bucket Seats
    Power Windows and Door locks
    CD Player

    This car is great. It was originall a 4 cylinder. When I purchased the car the body was dented and beat, but the chassis was in great shape. I found a 1989 GT that was rolled pretty bad, and the project began. I replaced engine, transmission, rear, suspension, and electronics. The exhaust is fully custom with a welded X pipe and cat-delete. It sounds great. The car stars right up and drives like a dream. I drive it 35 miles round trip to work every day.

    The body project took about a month. I replaced both fenders, all molding and seals. The quaters and doors were repaired with new metal. The car was stripped down to bare metal, and then primed, longboarded, painted, and cleared. The body is perfect. This car is show quality.

    This car turns heads wherever I go. Everyone comments on the color and condition. It will be a great addition to someone's stable.

    Call or email if you want to come take a look and drive it around.

    (631) 833-5537

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