Expired 1992 Mustang LX Twin Turbo

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  1. 1992 Mustang LX Hatch with Twin Turbos - 125k miles on body / ***300 miles*** on complete setup - in Westchester, New York

    Built with NEW Motor for Turbos, Suspension, New Built Transmission


    I bought this car in 2002 and have owned it for the past years, adding LITTLE mileage. It was originally an automatic powertrain, and was not modified heavily when I bought it, it didn't even have subframe connectors, or an exhaust. It had 120k or so when I purchased and now has about 1000 miles or less added overall. It has not gone further than 20 miles in years, as it is an attention gettter, and commands too many street racers. Also, I own another Stang, so I am gauging interest on this.... This car has NO e.t. and has not been to the track (NO time to hit Englishtown, or or ATCO, or Norwalk, or Milan as I used to) ..... but it can smoke the tires and step out at highway speed with the boost dialed up.

    I am looking for $15,ooo (I have receipts to validate the miles on build and care not to BS)

    Ford Racing 351 C.I.D. GT-40 385/377 HP Crate Engines M-6007D351RT
    (Originallly a 5.0 Car)
    351W Motor torn down and rebuilt with Probe Pistons for Turbos
    Motor Pro Built by Mongillo Motors in New Haven, CT (all build spec's available)
    Windage Tray, Crate Motor Cam, Typhoon Intake, Anderson PMS Management
    Alocohol Injection with Controller

    Be Cool Radiator, Electric Fan - override switch

    Remote Mount Turbos, Each Turbo is Mounted underneath rear seats, 38MM BOV, Intercooled, piping is all built custom by Mongillo Motors (My local shops in NY claim it to be outstanding welding, and great work, it is solid and painted with ceramic coat) Boost is designed for 600HP Peak with 'max boost' to match properly with tranny. Runs now at at about 450HP.

    OEM Ford Cats are in place and do not hurt boost, help it, and allow car to pass emissions in NY and any states visual. Turbos act as mufflers. But car has sound to it as tailpipes are chromed large tips

    T-5, fresh, built, for 500lbs-ft... 300 miles, Linelock installed never used, driveshaft loop

    Subframes welded-in, Lakewood Bars, Eibach Springs, Strange Adjustable Drag Shocks, car rides firmly

    3.73 Gears

    Black cloth, clean, front seat springs can be freshened, white face guages, Kenwood deck, Tach, 3 Pod (Boost/Water/Oil) PMS mounted under pass seat, w Controller

    Car needs paint on the roof, and I have a new Cowl Hood on it that needs paint, has Cobra Wheels with Nittos and Weld Racing Wheel rear slicks front Skinnies with decent rubber, car has slight damage to cowl (during test and tune at shop, the hood latch failed, and the black hood in the pic opened damaging the cowl)

    Car runs raped ape, and can pump 600HP on the Turbos, yet I have had it at 450HP to enjoy "responsibly" as with much more power the car needs a track to prance without attracting red&blues. With the right tire and suspension this is certainly destined for the 10's. Tell me what you think and no ballbreakers/haters...


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    Thanks Guys

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