1993 5.0 injector harness shorted


May 20, 2021
new york
Hi all, new to the site and computers. Please bear with.
1993 E150 5.0. Has fuel, has spark, has injector pulse depending how I check.
This is a wiring issue. Distributor is disconnected, engine harness is disconnected and unplugged. It is not PCM>
Today I had power at both sides of an injector. The red wired 12V+ and tan wire 12V+ untill I unplugged all 8 injectors.
Tomorrow I am going to pull engine harness and unwrap. IMO there should be 8 ground wires, 1 for each injector. They have to be pinched / melted somewhere.
My question is where is the common spot?
I may just go in and do a valve job while I'm in there but it needs a rear main so prob going to get in and freshen rods/ mains, rings. However I would like to resolve the electrical issue first.
I was rather discouraged a few days ago. I forgot how to work on this stuff......as simple as it was/is. Also haven't seen my noid lights in 20+ years.
Thanks in advance.
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