1993 5.0 - Mild HCI, MS2 - Idle settings


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Feb 1, 2016
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Hey guys, I got my stinger MS2 installed over the weekend and have been messing with the tuning. The stinger base tune pretty much nailed down the idle but the VE tables needed a bunch of massaging. It runs pretty well right now. I'm working on the idle control and AC control now. My understanding is: IAC control for warm up, and then spark advance for the AC control. First, do these settings look OK for the cold start idle up?


Next, should I be using Idle Advance or Air Conditioning Idle-up for the AC load? Might seem obvious, but the AC table was confusing. On the other hand, can/should i use the Idle Advance for the cold starts and ditch the IAC?

Last question for now, is the AFR table generator that's built into TS any good?

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Apr 6, 2011
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You may want to read on the settings in the manual to better familiarize yourself.

The iac is for idle control, all of it all the time. In warmup mode (open loop) the valve goes to the position you set it to with the duty table. In closed loop the valve is programmed (by you) to try and reach an idle rpm value set in the closed loop rpm table. This is true iac valve control you are setup for warmup so the valve goes to a set position and stays there.

The idle advance is there to assist the idle valve to keep the rpm stable this is it primary role.

The ac idle up is there to increase the idle valve duty to keep the idle stabilized when you apply the load of the AC. Get the closed loop idle stable before working on the AC load.

All the table generators in TS are good. Post a picture of your current table for reference.

Idle AFR- 13.8-14.5
Cruise afr- 14.2-15
Light accel- 13.8 (75kpa)
Accel- 13.3 (85-90kpa)
Wot- 98-100 kpa (12.3-12.8)
These are tentative each engine wants something a little different.
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