Suspension 1993 Convertible LX Suspension upgrade - Torque Arm - Weekend Toy


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Sep 13, 2020
Thompson's Station, TN
Been doing a lot of reading on the MM Tor.que Arm setup and trying to determine if it's worth it.
1993 LX 5.0, Vert, weekend toy.
Looking at the MM TA package for the rear along with bilsteins (and from what i understand a new set of stiffer coils in the rear will be needed).
Or would the HD MM LCAs (and appropriate uppers) be just fine based on primary use (with Bilsteins, etc)
I know it will ultimately come down to my preference, but figured i'd look to the experts here for input based on their experiences.

Spirited driving on country roads but no Auto-x in the future nor drag racing with this one.

Car is mildly modified now, building up the motor but want to get the suspension sorted first.
Lowered a significant amount sitting ~25" from fender lip to floor so sits fairly low, don't want to lose that and concerned about clearance on the TA.

I didn't lower so unsure if the previous owner cut springs, working to figure that out. If so will put a set of eibach springs in or similar (although i'd like to maintain the stance, so not sure if the Eibach sportlines will set it down too far since they aren't called out for a convertible).

Front suspension will be CC plates, new bushings/rod ends, etc. to tighten everything up (btw, is there a comprehensive list of what all to replace?)

Thanks for any input, appreciate it greatly


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