1993 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 convertible, canary yellow, Columbus, OH 43221

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Feb 5, 2012

Vehicle history:
I bought this car brand new with a price tag of $24155 in its rare canary yellow color on Nov 11th 1993 at Ricart Ford of Columbus, OH. A lot of wonderful memories followed that first test drive on a cold but sunny November day with the top down and the heat on. I have every document given to me that day from the Window sticker, the bill of sale, the receipt for my down payment to the business card of the salesman that showed me the car. I have the receipt for the radio I had installed a few days after I bought it, the original radio and almost every single receipt for everything done from day one.
The car has never been smoked in and was female owned, driven and cared for. A true one owner car with a clean and clear title in hand (dated Nov 30th 1993) with my name on it. It was used as a daily driver most of its life and has hence suffered from a small parking lot incident and one accident.
Due to family health issues I have simply lost the ability to use this vehicle (elderly father cannot get in and out of it anymore) and therefore will in the following describe and portray it as to the best of my knowledge and with pictures taken Feb 5th of this year at 86333 miles. These pictures were NOT taken by a professional photographer and depict the car in its true current condition.

Vehicle condition:
Aside from regular service the following repairs have been done in the last few months
- 01-07-12 battery replaced under warranty, replaced negative battery cable end $25
- 05-12-11 two new Primewell Tires 225/55R16 $211.02
- 04-23-11 R&R steering gear with Remanufactured Rack and Pinion $492
- 03-15-11 R&R Coolant Temp Sensor, Fuel Injection Service, TB cleaning $414.13
- 01-11-11 two new Firestone Winterforce 215/60R16, new air filter $183.86
- 11-29-10 battery replaced under warranty, radiator system service $128.72
- 08-29-10 R&R new ignition switch $150.02
- 03-23-09 transmission rebuild by Columbus Transmission technicians $1334.38
- In 2004 New convertible canvas top by Jim’s Trim shop In Columbus
The list goes on and on and I have taken pics of every receipt that comes with the car.

The car has following issues that will require attention depending on your wants and needs:
- The driver side door arm rest is cracked
- The driver side seat is worn and cracked
- The power door locks and actuators not working
- The remote start is disconnected
- The right side bulb behind the gauges is burnt out
- A small steering fluid leak
- The trunk lid actuator not working
- - There are some rust issues with the car as depicted
To be noted:
- Almost brand new tires
- Almost new OE headlights

In summary:
In total Ford produced 6382 LX 5.0 convertibles (P44E) in 1993. Only 1503 of those were yellow, so it is unarguably a rare vehicle – definitely if you consider that it is truly a one owner vehicle with almost 100% vehicle history.
And while this might not be a show ready vehicle it is described truthfully and priced according to its current condition.
You can view over 200 detailed pics and two videos of the top going up and down at

Sadly, it has come to a $1 NO RESERVE auction :


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