Fox 1993 Ford Mustang Lx 5.0 With Only 10k Miles

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  1. Looks brand new.



    from the article:
    This 1993 Mustang LX 5.0 (VIN 1FACP41E7PF215138) is a claimed 10,091 original and looks exceptionally clean throughout. A well-documented 5-speed car, the gray interior shows very well despite its light color, and apart from the silly but easily removed add-on tach there’s little to nitpick anywhere on the car. Find it here at GR Auto Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan for $17,900—just about $700 than its original sticker.

    90 pictures and full article

  2. Def super clean but way to much money. Do you know what I could make a fox look like with $17k? Hell you could even buy a half decent car for $3k and still make it bad ass witb the leftovers. For that kind of money I sure as hell dont want a stock fox idc how clean it is. Just my opinion and I do see the appeal in an all original never touched car but I just think about how fast I could make one with all that cash.
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  3. Very nice car. $17k? Not for me. It is not #1 or the last one so I don't see anything special about it other than the miles. That is fox body Cobra money.
  4. Agreed About 3-5k overpriced IMO
  5. Yeah it's a cool clean fox but at the end of the day it's a clean fox. It wouldn't be one of those people would flock to if they saw it sitting on a street corner. Maybe in another 15-20 yrs??
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  6. Ill go with this. While this is a prime example of a high end fox id say that price has some wiggle in it, I bet 14 would buy it. Problem is when you take the tach out there will be screw holes there.
  7. Sure is a sharp car but as everyone else said, its too much
  8. Yeah I mean maybe I'm wrong but I'm just not feeling the fox as a "classic collectible." I guess in some circles they are and they might be appreciated enough to bring a "classic car asking price" but I just don't see them being that appealing to the masses yet.
    *Edit* Plus in stock trim they're just not that fun. Definitely not when compared to today's standards.
    So what's that leave you with? A slow, pseudo collectible car.
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  9. There was a red 93 coupe near here a few years ago. It was super low miles, I want to say under a 1000. They were asking somewhere around $23k for it. Not sure if it ever sold for near that.

  10. Damn, $23k for a fox, I just can't do it Joe.
  11. Too much money for too little show & go.

    It is very true that for $3K- $5K you could buy a fox 5.0 with a good, no rust, no dings body. Then use the balance of the $17K and fix it up to be a winner in the looks and performance arena. Done right, it would be a head turner.
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  12. thats the thing with these cars,that is a nice clean fox i have to say,but most everyone wants a clean modded one.
  13. Exactly what I was saying. I can def appreciate a super mint untouched factory car but I would rather have a super mint, forced induction, modded car that will burn most anything on the road and be a blast to drive.
  14. That is assuming you had $17k cash to throw at it.. Its easier to buy a car for $17k than have $17k.. lol
  15. GMAC
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  16. I'd like to know where the no rust, no ding fox for 3-5k is cause it sure as hell ain't within 500 miles of me.
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  17. That depends on where you are...
    There are no clues in any of the information in your member information.

    Since this would be a rebuild with a 12K - 15K budget , a 4 to 8 conversion would not be unreasonable. Anyplace where they don't use salt on the road or 100 miles inland from the ocean salt air can be the source of a good body.
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  18. I think it's reasonably priced. They may not get the full asking, but let's put it another way, if they started manufacturing foxes again I would definately plop down more than that to grab the combo of my choice, so to the right buyer that thing is well within range. Now that said, it better have good papers to back up the claim.
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  19. 17K is more than I paid for my 87 gt vert and 90 GT brand new.
  20. Not to start a pissing match on the value of clean low mile fox bodies but I have looked recently, so has a guy i work with, nationwide searches, there are no rust/ding free foxes in that price range. In fact, every fox i found that had fewer than 65k on the clock started at around 10k. Like it or not the days of cheap rust free fox with a straight body are gone.
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