Fox 1993 Ford Mustang Lx 5.0 With Only 10k Miles

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  1. eb
    exactly,no ones getting mine for cheap!
  2. They are out there, maybe not low mileage ones. I payed 3800 for the car in my avatar, straight and no rust. Although it did have a ton of miles on it which is why I am in the middle of an rebuild. When it's said and done ill have 10k in it and 300 whp. I would much rather have that than a stock low mileage fox for 10k
  3. At first glance it is a nice low mileage car that has a hefty price tag on it. But to be fair and open minded about the price there is one thing that stands out at me everytime someone sells something that is disireable but high priced. That is this, you and I may thing it is not worth that kind of dough, but there most likely is someone out there that is looking and willing to pay that price for it or haggle down a k or two. But no matter what the price is, I bet the owner is not in a hurry to sale, and will wait for that right somebody. I sale things all the time and some say to me that it is not worth what I am asking, but to the right person it may be and will be at any given moment. But most of us sometimes do not care about mileage but a good solid base of a car to work with, because in our motorhead minds all we plan on doing is building it from ground up. So mileage is not always the best selling tool but condition is in my mind.
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  4. Way too much money for me but I think for the person looking for this exact car would be worth it.