1993 GT 5 Speed

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  1. Selling my 1993 GT , 5 Speed , Clean title, has all the OE pannels and the vin tags to prove it. Has really nice OE black paint and a clean gray interior , has all the usual bolt ons, and a 94-95 Alternator swap done by all ford. Super nice car, still mostly stock not all gettoed up, runs really strong, does not leak or smoke anything. Same story as everyone else, i had no plans at all to sell this car, but plans change. Asking $5500 for a fellow fox body nut.

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  2. What the He** is this crap! Why are you selling? You knw your gona regret it later an wished you never let it go. :(
  3. Long story short I just started a new job and I need to pay some bills, It sucks I know.:notnice: But sometimes life gets in the way of your plans, It's a sweet old car, I hope whoever buys it takes the same care I did with it, I done want to see it all beat up:rolleyes::(
  4. I hear ya bro changin jobs sucks, an not to mention the economy is pretty crappy alot of the old gang has sold there cars aswell. Selling mine has diffently crossed my mind but havent given in yet. Hope you get what you want out of it and the new job goes good!

  5. The cars still for sale guys, i've had a ton of calls and emails and tire kickers, I whould really like to see it go to another fox body nuy, I had a guy want to buy it for his 16 year old girl fiend, she was leaning on the car when they came to look at it, so I refused to sell it to her.
  6. $5000 still for sale...
  7. Ok guys still for sale , asking $4800 firm.
  8. haha that's funny you didn't sell it to her because she was leaning on it. I know how you felt, I would require the potential buyer of either of my cars to take a mustang and car exam. It would be awful for someone to buy that car and then trash it. Sadly, this happens a lot of the time.... a lot of people just don't treat their cars well.

    Good luck

  9. where are you located im very interested in buying this car and i will take very good care of it keeping it stock and everything
  10. Where you located and how many miles?
  11. Where are you located?
  12. Is this thing still for sale? where are you located?
  13. Got cash in hand. Still for sale?
  14. is this car still for sale???
  15. x2
  16. Where is this big beautiful country of ours are you?
  17. :shrug:

    Any of you guys notice that this ad was from 5/09.
  18. I did, i was just enjoying the show :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol:
  19. I Need This!!! lol
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