Electrical 1993 LX 5.0 runs for only 30 seconds at a time before dying.


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Dec 3, 2019
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Hi y'all im new to this so hopefully I'm posting in the right place!
Since July my 5.0 hasn't been able to stay running. One day it was running fine and the next it would run rough and die within 30 seconds. At that point we replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter. It ran for 20 minutes then started doing the same thing. Since then we have replaced the coil ,TFI module, wires to tfi, pick up, ignition switch and the distributor rotor and cap. At this point we figured it was the computer that went bad so we sent it off and they replaced the capacitors. Now it has an intermittent spark and it still can't stay running. The last things we replaced were the fuel pump relay and the computer relay under the dash. We sent the computer off again to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with it and they said it was still good so we're waiting for that to come back to do some more tests. Not sure what's wrong with it at this point, I'm just hoping someone could get us pointed in the right direction. Thanks!
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Why haven't you dumped the computer codes? Throwing parts, time, and money at a problem isn't the best way to fix things.
Test, observe, and then diagnose. The link below will get you started...

Dump codes sticky

Look at the top of the 5.0 Tech forum where the sticky threads are posted. One of them is how to dump the computer codes. Codes may be present even if the CEL (Check Engine Light) isn’t on. You don’t need a code reader or scanner – all you need is a paper clip, or if your lady friend has a hair pin, that will do the job.
I highly suggest that you read it and follow the instructions to dump the codes. http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/how-to-pull-codes-from-eec4.889006/
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