1993 Mustang Coupe Better condition than factory! NC

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  1. Year: 93
    Exterior: Excellent
    Interior: Excellent
    Mechanical: Excellent
    Mileage: 82k
    Title: Clean in Hand
    Location: Charlotte NC
    Up for sale is a beautiful rare 93 coupe. This car was completely redone. It was stripped down and repainted Midnight blue (including the engine bay). It does have a Kanen cowl hood. All the molding and weatherstripping is new. The headlights and door locks are new also.
    Interior is factory gray, many interior pieces are brand new including the headliner.
    The moror is a stock 302 with a couple bolt ons which are; BBK cold air intake, BBK shorty headers, Bassani Stainless X pipe, Mac cat-back exhaust. 3:55 rear gear. The A/C has been converted and blows cold.
    The suspension; Eibach springs, upper and lower control arms, sub frame connectors. Also has Weld wheels.
    The cars runs strong and is reliable, it looks better than factory and the pictures don't do it's justice. The coupes are getting harder and harder to find. I hope to have a video up by next weekend and some better pictures. Car has been built by a Mustang shop owner.
    Price is $13,500
    Located just east of Charlotte, NC
    PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF. If you do not agree with the price than please do not argue it. We do know of a company who will finance this car if your credit is good.
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  2. Forgot to mention it is a 5spd.
  3. factory v8 car?
  4. Wow..nice car.But.. only 2 posts,and an Attitude. Pretty sweet.:nonono:

    But will you take $3500 for it? :)
  5. zzing!
  6. yes
  7. Welcome to stangnet. I will take a $3500 deposit.
  8. nice car
  9. Thanks Twentz. I forgot to mention the mileage is
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