Expired 1993 Mustang Coupe Street/strip Roller

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  1. Car is located just north of seattle, wa

    Hello there lost my account i had on here a while back and just got back on.

    Seeing if there is any interest in trading, i have a clean redone 1993 coupe roller with tons of upgrades and $$ spent.Throw a motor in it and finish the black interior (seats ,some small misc pieces, carpet) and a few other thing a have a killer street/strip car that can handle just about anything you can throw at it.It is just not the right time for me and this car , have lost interest in it and would like to trade for a fox or maybe even a 94-95 SN , that runs and drives, this project has been long and drawn out and plans have changed and just want a driver. Prefer a t5 car but will entertain whatever you got, only interested in hatchbacks and coupes.

    My car has been taken down to the bare shell and was a thought out build including,Almost all parts are new =

    - Team Z Tubular K member, control arms, 95' spindles (3" studs), Strange coilovers and 10 way struts,12" springs,Team Z c & c plates.. -all new
    - Team Z rear dbl. adjustable lower and upper control arms,Team Z spherical bushing -All new
    - 8.8 with 31 spline cobra t-lok ,rebuilt, Strange c clip elim. axles with 3" studs ,new brake lines
    -Car has 99-04 brakes=PBR dual piston front calipers and gt rear disc swap, all rebuilt.
    - car is rolling around on some 17" 2000 cobra wheels (almost mint condition,new lugs)
    -Car has thru-the -floor subframe connectors welded in, the best way and ready to finish with a cage.
    - Hurst line lock , all brakes plumbed up ready to go - all new
    - Maximum motorsports Manual brake kit installed new
    - 93 cobra Master cylinder -new
    - Wilwood proportioning valve -new
    - Upr firewall adjuster,quadrant,
    - Taylor battery box in trunk , Moroso cut off switch, New 2/0 welding cable ran up to front inner fender already. all new
    - New stock tank, that was cut and sumped (comp eng.) and coated inside with fuel tank sealer,Bung welded on for return line also.

    - APainted arctic white , engine bay was shaved and most holes were filled(looks great)
    - All new weather stripping,door pins,door handles,door locks,door felt, refinished quarter windows and all trim shot with SEM trim paint. Looks great.
    - Wild rides battle box kit installed, along with torque boxes welded up.underneath is undercoated
    - Also have a rebuilt 93' cobra t5 that was intended for the car that could be worked in on the deal. best oem t5 available,pistol grip shifter,along with soem other stuff that i have for it, just not installed yet, new flaming river manual rack,team z bumpsteer kit (new) MM braided front brake line kit (new)Team Z solid motor mounts (new) Lakewood driveshaft loop

    As you can see a lot of $$ and tons of time has been invested in this car, it is very clean and i had visions of building a track toy, but plans have changed and am just looking for a fun street car that i can enjoy.

    Reply with what you have to offer, strait trades or even lower trades plus some cash on your end, i have quite a bit of money into this car already . if i had to sell outright $4000 is my price as there is that much in parts almost, plus the fact thats its a strait coupe, that are coming harder and harder to find., will also accept part trades such as guns, bull barrel .22/.17, ar15's and the like , pistols= Glocks,XD's,XDM's,1911's and M&P's

    Free and clear title.Thanks and have tons more pics.Thanks and either can pm here or email me at [email protected]


    photo.JPG SAM_1239.JPG photo.JPG photo.JPG SAM_1246.JPG miscPictures024.jpg photo.JPG miscPictures036.jpg photo.JPG SAM_1239.JPG
  2. Does this ting have a 93 ECU in it? Does it have headliner and sun visors etc?
  3. No computer at the moment, new black headliner in place, no sunvisors at the moment.
  4. still for sale?
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