Fox 1993 Mustang Gt 5.0 Buildup

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  1. I am currently rebuilding 93 Mustang 5.0 Convertible.Engine bored .030 over and e303 cam and crane lifters installed. Performance fuel pump and original fuel injectors. Engine has original throttle body and intake. A stage one cutch assembly installed, she seems to move pretty good on 89 octane. Looking to see what parts to change to increase performance w/out tearing back into engine. Would prefer to get parts at wreaking lot, have a nice one within driving distance, owner is reasonable and likes fords but no time for good info on what parts I will need to add HP. I would like to swap out throttle body, remove egr, replace injectors for larger ones if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like a parts list on what fords that are compatible for these mods, and what changes in performance you noticed . I would like to keep the original intake manifold on if possible, and just try swapping components that are easily removed and replaced. Engine is original 1993 5.0 with the cam and lifter change.
  2. Your motor is bored .030 over, with an E cam? Stock heads? You're never gonna experience the true potential of that motor with stock heads and a stock intake. Also, larger injectors will not get you more power. In the end, what are your goals for the motor? If you want it to look somewhat stock, look around at the junkyards or craigslist for Explorer GT40 intake manifolds and GT40 heads. While not really ideal, they can make decent power with that E cam. Search around here, there are TONS of information on the GT40 intake/GT40 head swap.
  3. You're not really adding power to the motor with those parts other than a choppy idle.

    While the motor is apart this is the time to install a good set of heads, cam, intake, exhaust, etc.
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  4. Did that before, it was a dog down low and slow, sounded
    OP get yourself gears 3.73 or 3.55, that will help your power band and you can keep that in as you build your motor up later on and still use it now for instant change :nice:
  5. auto or stick
    what gears in the rear

    As others pointed out, you are wasting money on the cam keeping the stock top end. At a minimum, go scrounge an explorer intake, heads, throttle body and the MAF from a 94-95 GT. Swap the springs on the heads and you'll have a decent little motor.
  6. Thanks for input, wanting too give the Chevy and Mopar a challenge here in Savannah GA. with my 1993 Stang 5.0 w/5 speed tranny within a minimum budget. Will the 1993 Explorer 5.0 GT40 intake, heads, throttle body and MAF be from the same year or later model. Also will my stock ECM and injectors work or replace also. Trying to stay with a 89 octane burner. Thanks Spidawg
  7. I know a guy whos only swap was stock 170I 145E(i believe) heads for gt40 heads. his 1/4 time went down from 13.5 to 13.19-13.2 I would say do the most you can or you will be back into it. try to find someone to port them out and match them. I put the explorer GT40 heads onto my 1990. A friend did alot of port work and i had dual springs installed. used the stock manifolds had them ported and port matched too. Yes some trick flows or other racing heads would have been ALOT better but i helped a friend and he got practice so for now it is what it is. I started the rebuild in August of last year . I also bored it, shaved the deck, new cam upgraded to 70mm intake and tbody and 24lb injectors. if you upgrade the t body or intake dont be like me and forget the MAF!! it wont idle.
  8. Thanks for input, will try parts yard for items posted.
  9. The explorer GT40 heads only came on certain years. You really need to do a lot of research on this setup before you go to the junkyard, or else you're gonna be wasting money. There are tons of articles on StangNet and on the web.
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