What's it Worth? 1993 Royal Blue LX hatchback


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Aug 20, 2013
I have asked this before but I figure I'll ask again in this forum. I have a mostly original 1993 LX in need of rust repair and restoration. The car has 185,000 miles and needs quite a bit of work. It is an original 5.0, 5 speed car. The original Royal Blue paint is faded. It is numbers matching and the VIN stickers are on all of the body panels. It has the rare NY million mile odometer. Intake box is still in there but h-pipe and catback are aftermarket. The rust repair is floor panels and shock towers... so far. Even the rear is still stock 3.08. I might attempt this myself or I may just get rid of it or tranplant to newer chassis... not sure yet.


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Jan 4, 1985
No rust? I thought the market was better than that. I'll keep it and build an alternative fox like my station wagon.
I probably could have gotten more but I think it was my mission to [foster] that car and ensure it didn't end wrapped around a tree by some kid.

The body was perfect but the paint sucked. It's why I bought it initially. I sold it with a cobbled together motor that I stuffed into it for getting on and off of trailers.

I hope the dude comes in and starts a build thread for it. He showed me pics of an SN95 he's working on and was pretty damned nice. Hope this car finds a similar fate.
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