Brakes 1993 SN95 brake swap help needed


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Dec 26, 2018
Hi everyone,
Been working on a 93 foxbody for a few years now. been on it since I was 18 and am just hitting 22. very very close to being able to drive it, but my brakes are holding me back. I completely re did all the brakes. new lines front and rear sn95 setup with a sn95 booster and master cylinder. the pedal has to be MASHED to the floor to get any sort of pressure to stop the car. I thought it was lack of vacuum but ruled that out (at least I think) tonight by setting the car up with a vacuum tank to try and supply the extra vacuum needed. I've bled the brakes multiple times and I doubt it is air in the lines. so at this point I'm at a loss. any and all help will be appreciated.
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Feb 18, 2001
SO we need a little more info.

WHich SN95 brakes did you install? the 94-98 GT/V6, the 99-04 GT/V6 or any of the Cobra brakes? The rear brakes are all 38mm units, so we just need to know the fronts.

Which SN95 MC did you install? 94-95 cobra, 94-95 GT, 93 Cobra (yeah i know not SN95)?

When you installed the booster/MC, did you adjust the pushrod depth?
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