Expired 1993 Ssp Notchback Ex-chp All Original

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    I am selling my collection of Ford cars and memorabilia. I also have an '01 Cobra track-day car and a 1990 notchback race car for sale.

    This is real SSP Mustang that is unmodified and has never been crashed or restored. When these cars were sold by the California Highway Patrol, they were given a cheap paint job, the police equipment was removed, and a standard cassette radio was put in place of the police radio. I am the second civilian owner. The first owner bought it at auction near Sacramento. When he got too old to drive, his daughter put it up for sale, and I bought it from her two years ago. All the VIN tags are in place, and careful examination shows that it has never had any accident repairs nor has any body part ever been removed. It is really, really hard to find an original SSP car. Most of the ones advertised aren't SSP cars at all, and most have been built into race cars or otherwise modified.

    Condition: prior to these cars being sold by the CHP at auction, they were given a cheap paint job. It looks good from 10 feet, but it is a very low quality paint job. The interior is original, and although there are no tears in the seat or anything like that, there are some stains. I hope that whoever buys the car leaves it like it is and does not restore it. It looks nice and restoring it would ruin its rare original quality.

    Mechanicals: although it's got high miles, these were mostly highway miles obviously since it was a CHP car. I've had a couple of 5.0's, and this car drives very nicely. It is surprisingly fast for a totally stock car, and the gear shift is perfectly smooth. I drove it for about two months prior to storing it, and I never had any problems. I really enjoyed driving it.

    Note: Yes, the wheels are original. The last of the SSP cars in 1993 did not use the black wheels.
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