SOLD 1994-1998 (1994-2004?) Saleen Speedster Tanneau Cover (rio Red) (dfw)

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Dec 4, 2003
Howdy all, have a 1994-1998, or 1994-2004 Saleen Speedster Tanneau cover. I’ve read it fits to 2004, but that seems crazy.

I’m 95% sure it’s a real saleen cover, since it fits the light bar, and made of the strong light material (not the flimsy one that cracks, and it’s light enough to install with one person.) I got it with my Cobra in 1997, in its grey gelcoat, and had it painted around 2000, Rio Red. Professionally done at the local Ford house, 3 coat process.

Rio Red
has all the mounting gear (seat belt clips, two shims in the rear)
Couple scuff marks (pictures), but in great shape

Can’t ship this monster, so, hopefully you have a Rio Red convertible here in the DFW area!

Paint cost $350, part was $500 originally, asking $400.

Located in Arlington, TX

DSC07085.jpg P1010022.jpg P4140010.jpg Auto's! 024.jpg IMG_1516.jpg IMG_1515.jpg IMG_1514.jpg IMG_1513.jpg
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Not open for further replies.