SOLD 1994 Cobra Turbo 347 T56 600+rwhp

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  1. 1994 Cobra with 60xxx miles on the body, less than 100 miles on the drivetrain.

    Car is black on black coupe

    Selling because she wants something see can drive and we can take on long road trips.

    Almost all underhood wiring hidden.

    Block: 347 Dart Iron Eagle with Probe Dominator Package and Clevite Race Bearings
    AFR 205 Heads with severe duty Inconel exhaust valve package and solid roller springs on 1/2" Studs
    HP Performance Stage 2 Turbo Kit (67MM turbo with .96 AR)
    Custom Solid Billet Core CAM (Ed Curtis at FTI)
    Edelbrock Super Victor EFI
    Custom Intake Elbow for Super Victor (custom made from
    Comp Cams Steel Ultra Pro Magnum RR's
    Rollmaster Billet Timing Set Nitrided Sprockets, Torsion Bearings
    Modified Roller Bearing Retaining Thrust Plate
    Romac Steel Hub/Aluminum Ring SFI Damper 28 oz
    GSP Billet Solid Roller Lifters (FTI)
    Moroso 7QT Oil pan with 1/2" Turbo Bung
    Moroso Windage Tray
    Melling High Pressure Oil Pump
    Steel Billet Flywheel 28oz
    Moroso Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers with Moroso PCV System
    Billet Fuel Distribution Block and Vacuum Tree (
    3.5 Inch open downpipe (very loud)
    Will include original HP Y-pipe if someone wants to put mufflers back on it

    The Engine is a solid roller and tuned for 7000 RPM.
    Magnafuel Pro 625 Fuel Pump with Magnafuel 9950-B Fuel pressure regulator
    Magnafuel 100 / 12 Micron Fuel Filters
    -10 AN Earls black nylon fuel line feed
    -8 AN Earls black nylon fuel line return
    Most AN fittings are Earls (if not all)
    Ford Racing 60lb Injectors
    Hurst Line Lock Roll Control Kit
    Saleen Wheels Black 18x9/18x10 with MT ET streets (all 4 tires are brand new)
    Corbeau A4 Seats
    Corbeau Harness
    Corbeau Brackets
    Sparco Harness Bar
    Cobra SS Hood
    "Venom" front fenders
    15% Tinted windows
    Scott Rod Fab Rear seat delete
    T-56 Magnum D&D Transmission Kit
    McLeod RST Twin Disc Clutch
    Complete Rewiring of all harnesses under the hood and wire hiding
    Wazee Billet Alternator Pulley, Idler Pulley and Belt tensioner pulley (I already have the Wazee P/S Pulley)
    Taylor Spark Plug Cables (Custom made)
    Battery relocated to the trunk
    XS Power D3400 Battery
    Maximum Motorsports Track and Drag Kit
    MM K-Member Package w/springs
    MM Front/Rear Coilovers w/springs
    MM Stainless Steel Brake lines
    MM Power Steering Kit
    DBA 4000 Series Rotors all around
    Hawk Ceramic Pads
    Team Z Mustang Street Beast Rear Suspension Kit

    The spring rates are 300lbs for the Front, and 225lbs for the Back.
    AGR Power Steering Rack
    Racecraft Lightweight Front end Bolts
    Moser 31 Spline Axles
    Moser Diff Girdle
    Eaton 31 Spline Truetrac
    3.08 gears
    AEM Engine Management System (EMS)
    AEM Electronic Position Module (EPM) (DIS)
    LQ9 Coil Packs
    Billet Coil Pack mount
    GM 3.5 bar MAP
    Florida 5.0 Instrument Cluster with Phantom Gauges
    AEM TruBoost Gauge
    AEM Wideband Gauge
    Steward Warner RPM with shift light gauge
    Oil Pressure Gauge
    Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Water Temperature Gauge
    Clarion CX501 Double Din Deck (has Bluetooth streaming)
    Car is Dynomatted
    Brand new high grade carpet and door panels
    1998 Cobra rear bumper
    1998 Cobra Front fenders included
    Gas Hood Struts
    Tinted 1998 Cobra Taillights
    Sequential taillights with slower relay from american muscle
    Brand new black clear cobra headlights

    All bolt hardware is either ARP, OEM, or Racecraft. The AFR 205s are on 1/2" ARP studs. The Turbo is severely undersized, and one can easily hit 1000HP with a bigger turbo and fuel injectors. The engine, fuel system (minus fuel injectors), rear end, and the suspension are built to handle the power already.

    More mods:

    Black Magic S Fan (has a manual switch)
    Fluidyne Radiator (welded with AN bung fittings)
    Upgraded Treadstone 259s Turbo Intercooler
    Converted to Fox style IAC
    FR Aluminum Driveshaft
    FR500 steering wheel (I heard I got one of the last new ones)
    Underneath the car has been covered with protective coating
    All airbags have been deleted
    Manual brake conversion using a custom made Aluminum bracket (brakes better than ABS)
    7lb Tial Spring in Tial Wastegate
    Lower intake coated by Jet Hot Ceramic

    Cobra was originally black/tan interior, but has since been converted (the right way) to black/black. Most parts are brand new.

    Information on the HP Turbo Kit:

    The HP Stage I Streeturbo system consists of 1 ¾'' primary tubular headers CNC mandrel-bent from 14 gauge mild steel. The flanges are laser cut 3/8'' mild steel. The primary tubes merge into a 3'' collector, from there a 3'' cross over tube y's into the other collector on its way to the turbocharger. The spent gases then go thru a 3.5'' down pipe which splits into dual 3'' after the transmission cross member and then connects to any cat back that is in the factory position. Starting from the turbo discharge on the cold side, a 3'' tube connects the turbo to the top of the intercooler. After passing through the custom-built aluminum intercooler, the air goes through another 3'' tube into a C&L (blow through) MAF and then to the throttle body. All tubing is CNC mandrel bent on a 5'' radius and is Jet Hot ceramic coated in their "Sterling" finish (looks like highly polished aluminum). All connections on the exhaust side are made using stainless steel V-band clamps. On the cold side, the connections are 3-ply silicon hose fastened with stainless steel T-bolt clamps. The system comes with a a Tial 44 mm wastegate, and a Bosch blow off valve.

    I am sure I am forgetting some items


    NO a/c or heat

    I have not swapped out the fenders to OEM but will include them

    The paint is a 10 foot car, my plan was to install the fenders and cobra r hood in the spring with a complete respray of the car.

    previous owner took out factory speaker preparing for aftermarket units.

    Car drives great, and has tons of power, just looking for something different

    Anyone can call Bob Kurgan to verify this car

    Text or call 803-447-7406

    I am happy to take any pictures as requested.

    14,500 obo

    Short vid of idle


    I will post some pics tonight when I get off work and take some more if it does not rain this weekend

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    Old pic before the Saleen wheels

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